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Meet Kate. Kate likes to go out and make every moment count. That's why she needs a stash that can keep up with her lifestyle - one that can go anywhere to keep her heightened and her SESSION on point. Know a Kate? She'll love this for Christmas, but especially for New Year's Eve. Shop her Stash Set.

Meet Yasmin. Yasmin works hard and plays harder, but she knows self-care is key when the hustle is real. Forget holiday parties - a post-holiday shopping bath and nap sound much better. The perfect gift for anyone who could really use a day of pampering. Check out Yasmin's Stash Set.

Meet Martha. Martha likes to party, but from the comfort of her own home. Her friends don't mind either because her gatherings are always a hit. Pun very much intended. Now all you need to do is find your Snoop and you're ready for a memorable (more likely hazy) night. Peruse Martha's Stash Set.

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An advice column for cannabis curiosities. DEAR VANDY


With cannabis legalization increasing across the United States and recreational legalization coming to Canada in 2018, Van der Pop sought to better understand the role cannabis plays in the lives of women.

“It’s time to put the image of the under-achieving stoner to rest and have a frank conversation about where cannabis fits in the modern woman’s life,” said April Pride, Founder of Van der Pop.

Find the survey results and more info here.

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