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Discretion Always: Secrets of the DL  DAY ONE
Dear Vandy, 
I’ve found myself enjoying a pinner joint more and more frequently as I crave alcohol less and less. But I’m so afraid of getting caught that I expect a moment or two of panic to interrupt my good high. How do I keep my passion for pinners on the DL?
Signed, Pinned in Portland

Signature Papers

The specifics of rolling haven't changed, but the papers have gotten a lot nicer. Consider it the Mrs. John L. Strong stationery for the smoking set. So great looking we call them coffee table papers!

           ·   1 1/4 in size
           ·   32 leaf booklet
           ·   unbleached hemp pulp
           ·   13 gr. paper

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LAUGH Stash Jar /100ml

LAUGH You know those times when you don’t just have the giggles, the giggles have you? It is the best medicine.

Van der Pop’s Contained deep violet glass jars are labeled with the power of the medicine, herb or flower it is destined to contain. Each stash jar is empty and waiting for you to choose its destiny. And yours. 

These smell-proof containers are engineered of German Miron violet glass, which allows non-harmful UV rays to penetrate with extraordinary effects. 

           ·   Optimized humidity
           ·   Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
           ·   Preserves freshness up to 12 months
           ·   Odor, spill proof for discreet storage
           ·   Food safe with BPA-free cap
           ·   European made

Note: Intended for tobacco use only and in accordance with the laws in your state. Each Stash Jar is empty and waiting for you to choose its destiny. And yours.


After my sister went through an epic break-up, I filled FORGET and LAUGH jars and took her away for the weekend. Mission accomplished! - S.J., San Francisco

When we arrived hours after check-in back to our hotel room, there was no tell of the cannabis we saved for later until the Van der Pop stash jar opened. The smell was contained! - J.T., Seattle

My bedside table looks as polished as my bar! - L.F., NYC

The coolest products to keep your flower discreet. Definitely need more of these products in the industry! - M.P., Denver

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