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Good & Baked: Cooking with Cannabis DAY TEN
Dear Vandy, 
When food is infused with cannabis does it always end badly and taste even worse? Or can cooking with cannabis be lovely and lip-smacking?
Signed, Treat Me

Poppins Stash Bag (Pre-Order)

How would you feel knowing your secret essentials were safe from prying eyes and little hands? Happy, of course. Keep the goods under lock and key—literally—in this satin-finished black clutch cut from the kind of buttery leather you can’t stop touching. It’s outfitted with a proprietary lock secured with an individually keyed, personalized and programmable 3-digit code. Poppins' luxe exterior and leather lining are easy to clean, and an interior pocket tucks away small accessories. Poppins also moonlights as a sleek handbag. Available in Black, Cobalt, White, Natural. (Last image is a sneak peek of Poppins Mini, coming soon.)

           ·   Made in Italy, Genuine Leather
           ·   Proprietary programmable lock and key
           ·   Waterproof zipper
           ·   Interior pocket

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