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Update: New Ways to Enjoy an Old Friend  DAY TWO
Dear Vandy, 
I’m an old stoner and recently realized that I'm used the same pipes I used in college. What are necessary, immediate investments that will upgrade my stash and my high?
Signed, Upgrade & Restart

Triple Threat

Just getting started? Want something small on hand just in case? Triple Threat has three essentials for your perfect session.

Twist open the lid of our smell-proof (yes, really) Signature Stash Jar that keeps contents fresh for up to 12 months (science behind jars here). Just as with cheese, gently rub herb over Signature Greater Card to release all the herb’s beneficial compounds while creating the perfect consistency for rolling with our Signature Pop Papers. $60 Value

Each 3-piece set includes:

Signature Stash Jar 100mL; optimized humidity; anti-fungal, anti-bacterial

Signature Grinder Card credit card size; finger friendl; stainless steel/teflon

Pop Papers 1 1/4 size; 32 leaf booklet; 13 gr. unbleached hemp pulp

Choose the POWER labeled on your Signature Stash Jar.

Note: Intended for tobacco use only and in accordance with the laws in your state. Each Stash Jar is empty and waiting for you to choose its destiny. And yours.

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Poker & Scraper

This lightweight, thin poker tool will keep you straight. One end features a sharp point with slight curve to clean and clear hard to reach corners or openings. The other end is shaped to scoop oil and concentrate. No more charred ash paper clips, ball-point pens or fingernails. You’re good as gold.

           ·   spatula and spear implements for pipes, dabs
           ·   4.75 in. length
           ·   brass plated stainless steel

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Dry Leaf Vaporizer

The favorite vaporizer among those who know. Unanimously. Why?

1) Fez uses dry herb, which offers greater quality, variety and availability.
2) Fez is shaped like a musical instrument. Preferable to a writing instrument.
3) Fez charges and heats quickly.

           ·   designed for dry herb
           ·   heats in less a minute
           ·   fully charges in less than an hour
           ·   2,000+ puffs per charge
           ·   3 temperature settings
           ·   minimal maintenance
           ·   includes cleaning kit
           ·   6 month warranty

Designed by Fez

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