Van der Pop

Solo SESSION: Getting Stoned Alone  DAY THREE
Dear Vandy, 
My best friend swears by locking herself in her walk-in, getting stoned and dressing up and getting really OCD with organizing. What would that Solo SESSION look like?
Signed, Closeted

Grinder Card, Peace

This small, discreet wonder saves the day. The size of a credit card, this simple tool is slim enough to stash in your wallet so consistency and potency aren’t compromised when you’re on the go. Just as you would cheese, gently rub herb over its stylishly striped surface. 

           ·   credit card size
           ·   finger friendly
           ·   hand wash only
           ·   stainless steel with Teflon coating

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Stella's Stash Tool

When a woman named Stella tips you off about her favorite stash tool. You’re good as gold. This lightweight, gold-colored stash tool features a sharp point and flat side to clean and clear. The other end makes for the perfect tamper. Or scoop for oil and concentrate. 

           ·   spatula and spear implements for pipes, dabs
           ·   4.75 in. length
           ·   brass plated stainless steel

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