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Pot to PARTY: How to Roll on the Go  DAY FOUR
Dear Vandy, 
When I throw a party in my home, I know I'm set with all my essentials for the best stash to share with friends. What if I want to party on-the-go?
Signed, Work Hard, Play Harder

Power Pasties

Ever wonder, “What the hell is this one?” While you stare blankly at an unmarked vape cartridge in the bottom of your stash. What you don’t know can hurt you. Not a lot. But not a little. You need to label your ISH (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid)! Van der Pop Power Pasties save the night. Or the day. Or the next day.

           ·   cover unsightly cannabis brand names

           ·   discreet organization of oil cartridges

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Grinder Card

This teflon coated small wonder saves the day. The size of a credit card, this simple tool is slim enough to stash in your wallet so consistency and potency aren’t compromised when you’re on the go. Just as you would cheese, gently rub herb over its stylishly striped surface.

           ·   credit card size
           ·   finger friendly
           ·   hand wash only
           ·   stainless steel

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PARTY Stash Jar
from 29.00

PARTY Fiesta. Forever. Put on something slinky, turn up the LCD and prepare to show the world your best Bowie. Or Ziggy.

Van der Pop’s Contained deep violet glass jars are labeled with the power of the medicine, herb or flower it is destined to contain. Each stash jar is empty and waiting for you to choose its destiny. And yours. 

These smell-proof containers are engineered of German Miron violet glass, which allows non-harmful UV rays to penetrate with extraordinary effects. 

           ·   Optimized humidity
           ·   Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
           ·   Preserves freshness up to 12 months
           ·   Odor, spill proof for discreet storage
           ·   Food safe with BPA-free cap
           ·   European made

Note: Intended for tobacco use only and in accordance with the laws in your state. Each Stash Jar is empty and waiting for you to choose its destiny. And yours.


I asked my husband for your jars as an anniversary present. I’ll be enjoying them for years to come! - D.G., Philly

When we arrived hours after check-in back to our hotel room, there was no tell of the cannabis we saved for later until the Van der Pop stash jar opened. The smell was contained! - J.T., Seattle

There’s an amazing forward thinking design and philosophy behind this product. - J.J., San Francisco

My bedside table looks as polished as my bar! - L.F., NYC

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Poppins Stash Bag (Pre-Order)

How would you feel knowing your secret essentials were safe from prying eyes and little hands? Happy, of course. Keep the goods under lock and key—literally—in this satin-finished black clutch cut from the kind of buttery leather you can’t stop touching. It’s outfitted with a proprietary lock secured with an individually keyed, personalized and programmable 3-digit code. Poppins' luxe exterior and leather lining are easy to clean, and an interior pocket tucks away small accessories. Poppins also moonlights as a sleek handbag. Available in Black, Cobalt, White, Natural. (Last image is a sneak peek of Poppins Mini, coming soon.)

           ·   Made in Italy, Genuine Leather
           ·   Proprietary programmable lock and key
           ·   Waterproof zipper
           ·   Interior pocket

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GeoPipe, Matte Black
from 80.00

You smoke for the abstract so you should smoke from the abstract. GeoPipes are abstract enough to hide in plain sight. Available in three sizes. Did we mention they stay grounded (no tipping) while you're anything but?

·   Small: 1 in. height x 3 in. length x 1 in. width
·   Medium: 1 in. height x 3 in. length x 3 in. width
·   Large: 1 in. height x 4.5 in. length x 3.5 in. width

           ·   fits your hand

           ·   porcelain

Individually hand sculpted in Portland, OR by Stonedware

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GeoPipe, Palladium
from 120.00
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