Van der Pop

Surf & Snow: Stash Survival 101  DAY FIVE
Dear Vandy, 
I ski and surf so my stash is constantly getting compromised by the elements. How can I protect my stash and serve my needs?
Signed, To Serve & Protect

Hemp Patch
from 15.00

The founder of SIVApatch created this product for her mother, a stroke patient struggling with side effects and increased tolerance to pain medication. To her dismay, all hemp-based medicinal solutions also contained harmful chemicals. To our benefit, SIVApatch is the market’s best all-natural alternative available in a patch.

Did you know?

           ·   hemp is the only vegetable oil with the same nutrients as fish oil
           ·   hemp’s fatty acids improve skin oxygenation, hydration
           ·   hemp is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, E, D
           ·   each topical patch contains 20mg all-natural hemp
           ·   safe, discreet alternative for pain relief
           ·   time-released formulation activates quickly
           ·   effective for 6-8 hours, day or night .

Designed by SIVA

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FOCUS Stash Jar
from 29.00

FOCUS Eyes. On. The. Prize. Need to spend a little quality time with that daunting goal of yours? Dim the background noise, roll up your sleeves and that much closer to the finish line.

Van der Pop’s Contained deep violet glass jars are labeled with the power of the medicine, herb or flower it is destined to contain. Each stash jar is empty and waiting for you to choose its destiny. And yours. 

These smell-proof containers are engineered of German Miron violet glass, which allows non-harmful UV rays to penetrate with extraordinary effects. 

           ·   Optimized humidity
           ·   Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
           ·   Preserves freshness up to 12 months
           ·   Odor, spill proof for discreet storage
           ·   Food safe with BPA-free cap
           ·   European made

Note: Intended for tobacco use only and in accordance with the laws in your state. Each Stash Jar is empty and waiting for you to choose its destiny. And yours.


There’s an amazing forward thinking design and philosophy behind this product. - J.J., San Francisco

When we arrived hours after check-in back to our hotel room, there was no tell of the cannabis we saved for later until the Van der Pop stash jar opened. The smell was contained! - J.T., Seattle

My bedside table looks as polished as my bar! - L.F., NYC

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