Van der Pop


Gif credit Sofia Lee

Gif credit Sofia Lee


Van der Pop is a lifestyle brand that designs high-end accessories to store, smoke and share cannabis. The cannabis industry is lacking sophisticated products for female connoisseurs. Current solutions are dominated by products inspired by gadgets and intended for the male consumer. Little of today’s cannabis-related merchandise reflects a woman’s style or speaks to needs specific to women and how cannabis addresses these needs in a uniquely positive way. At the intersection of fashion and fun, our products (including stash jars, lockable stash bags, grinder cards and rolling papers) allow those seeking high-minded experiences to store and share "recreational unmentionables" in a sleek, discreet manner. We are all about education and style. Through thoughtful design, our brand is changing the perception of high jinks.


Want to be on the team? This company is a start-up and its founder is a successful entrepreneur poised for another innovative enterprise. We need a kick-ass digital marketing intern who is organized, responsive, and eager to learn. This digital marketing internship is ideal for someone who is interested in furthering his or her education and experience in the world of marketing and digital content. You are part of a new lifestyle brand, committed to sharing its core values with customers. We’ll provide the opportunity to gain essential on-the-job experience with social media marketing, multimedia, search engine marketing, online research, community engagement & development, and web analytics.


The digital marketing intern will play an active role in the development of Van der Pop’s online community. You will maintain Van der Pop’s presence on various social media platforms by helping create and publish content that is relevant to our mission and our brand. You will also assist in maintaining VdP’s digital images, videos, and other branded content to support execution of marketing campaigns. During this internship, you'll learn how to reach communities, promote events or programs through digital spaces and gain experience in social media platforms, search engine optimization, and the tools used to assess their performance.

Social media experience is a plus and there’s a huge bonus if you love online research and digging for information to support marketing efforts. We also need you to be totally engaged in culture - music, fashion, art - because this informs the content we create to share with our audience.


- Work with Marketing Manager to develop, execute and manage content/media strategy & review best practices
- Research blog topics, products based on keyword rankings, learn and utilize SEO strategies
- Assist in managing Facebook and Twitter posts using SEO keywords in conjunction with editorial calendar to ensure content is timely, relevant, and engaging
- Keep up to date and informed on new social media trends and adapt accordingly / research trending products for market and be ahead of the game
- Identify leaders and influencers (internal/external) and engage them in brand activities
- Research new methods to drive sales from social platforms
- Working with team members to problem solve and develop solutions for marketing challenges


- Looking for a digital marketing or communications major
- Strong writing skills
- Deep and proven knowledge with content management
- Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
- Ability to meet deadlines and to anticipate next steps or needs
- Work effectively both independently and as part of a team
- Organizational and exceptional time management skills
- Savvy with content creation, curation, syndication across several social/digital platforms to drive web traffic
- Available to work 20-25 hours a week, depending on workflow


We are looking for those with skills in:
Content Creation, Content Development, Content Distribution Networks, Content Management, Content Marketing, Content Managed Websites

*Only qualified candidates will be contacted*

Are you 21+?