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Where can I buy your products? Van der Pop products can be found at Tokyo Smoke and through select dispensaries and mainstream retailers. A complete list of our stockists can be found here

Can you ship anywhere? Our accessories are currently available for shipping as per the guidelines of our retailers.

Where are your products made? Contained glass jars are engineered in Germany. The Poppins bag is manufactured in Italy and fabricated with premium Italian leather. Van der Pop signature rolling papers and grinder cards are manufactured overseas.

Are your storage products odor proof? As most smell proof materials decay over time and need to be replaced, the Poppins bag is not intended to be odor proof. Our contained stash jars are airtight, odor resistant containers that seal in smell until they are opened.

How do you clean each of the products in the collection? The Poppins bag is made from premium Italian leather and should be maintained as you would any high-end item. Our Grinder Card is finger-friendly and hand-washable. Contained glass stash jars are hand-wash only. 

How does the lock on the Poppins bag work? Is it childproof? Take a look at the programming instructions for the 3-digit and keyed lock on the Poppins bag here. This lockable stash bag is child resistant.

What is violet glass? Deep violet glass blocks out the full spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet wavelength. Harmful rays of visible light (that speed-up the molecular decaying process) are filtered out, while visible violet light, non-visible UVA and far-infrared light are let in to slow the growth of bacteria and mold while sustaining the molecular viability of the contents. The result? Van der Pop Contained Stash jars keep their contents fresh and strong for up to a year. 

How does the grinder card work? A grinder card works just like a cheese grater. Simply rub herb over its grated surface, place it in the cannabis accessory of your choice and enjoy. 

How do you ensure privacy? VdP respects the delicacy and discretion with which all client information should be treated. Personal information such as name, email, billing and shipping addresses, phone number and payment details are collected to successfully process orders executed at This information is not sold or shared with third parties for any reason nor is payment information stored. Every transaction is encrypted and secure. 

To enter this site, you must be of legal age to consume cannabis in your province/state.

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