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Dear Vandy,
Is it true that sex and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly?
Stoned & Sexy

Dear Stoned & Sexy,
More often than not, people get high because it just feels good. Your tactile sensations are heightened making eating, listening to music or looking at art a much richer, more extraordinary experience, and ‘high’ sex is no exception.

The "calorie-free" peanut butter and jelly stolen from your toddler's lunch plate is so damn good but you know what's even better?  Eating the entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Half Baked ice cream. Welcome to cannabis + sex, Stoned & Sexy. Guilty of this hard-to-top pleasure, I am.  [Ben and Jerry have not approved this message.] 

It’s no coincidence that marijuana was historically dubbed as a natural aphrodisiac and Maureen O’Connor of NY Magazine’s The Cut explains that marijuana can make orgasms stronger, last longer and strengthen bonds between lovers.

Though the tangled and happily prolonged experience of sex while high is orgasmically euphoric, as with alcohol or any other drug that alters your conscious state of mind, moderation is key. Less is not lame. More and on the floor is.

One memorable night years ago highlighted the need to keep it cool when combining sex and weed. My sometimes boyfriend and I were enjoying a spliff and the tabacco/cannabis combination produced a kaleidoscope of ferries behind my eyelids that distracted me from focusing on the (dirty) deed at hand. Not to mention the worst case of cottonmouth, which was not good for all the reasons you're imagining. (Another kernel for your imagination is the fact that your mouth isn't the only thing more susceptible to dryness when on the weed.) Clearly, that night was a bust for mind-blowing sex but the after-school-special, silver lining is to be *mindful* of 1) dosage and 2) mixing. Two lessons hard learned (over and over) and not always in my own bedroom or with a sometimes boyfriend. 

High regards,

STRAIN REVIEW LOVE POTION #1 is exactly the weed to deliver mind-blowing sex by stimulating every nerve ending in your body while producing a "soaring high feeling" that has lasting effects on your mood even after the high has worn off.  Yes, exactly like mind-blowing sex. 

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