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Tips for planning the perfect 4/20 fête


Considered the “Christmas of cannabis”, April 20th is a great time to gather your favourite partners-in-high for flower-filled revelry in your progressive, adult-use legal state (don't worry, Canada – you'll have plenty to celebrate soon!). Before you start sending out invites to those near and dear, here are a few points to remember while putting together an elevated do.

Make the party inclusive of everyone

Take all of your guests’ relationships with cannabis into account. Are they a novice / occasional / regular consumer? Are they always down for a session, or are they the type who enjoys a periodic puff on the weekend?

Keep everyone in attendance happy with a mix of strains and experiences that speak to different levels of cannabis awareness and use the opportunity to open up conversations about cannabis with those not-yet-in-the-know.

Variety is key

Depending on where your guests have come from (the office, perhaps) and where they’re headed post-party, they’ll want to partake in a session suited to their desired mood, be it relaxed, super social or focused. 

Sativa-dominant or hybrid strains (that are higher in THC content) – particularly those with terpenes like limonene (citrusy), which promotes an uplifted mood, and pinene (pine), which promotes alertness – will allow your guests to feel their best. Avoid indica-dominant strains in a party atmosphere; they will likely lead to a sleepover instead of the boisterous gathering you had hoped for.

Show + tell

It’s a great idea to have an array of products available for your guests to use, from a sleek bong to a beautiful pipe to a techy vaporizer. Not all those in attendance will want to smoke, so allowing them to consume in their preferred way will position you as the consummate host. Of course, it’s not necessary for you to have these items all of your own; encourage guests to bring their favourite cannabis accessory and share the love!

Rolling papers make great guest take-aways, as do pre-roll cones for those who haven’t quite mastered how to roll a joint or love a session on the go. And grinder cards are a fun way to have party-goers interact with flower.


Eat + be merry

As mentioned above, it’s possible not all your guests will want to smoke or vape, so edibles are another way to put them in party mode (learn more about infused foods here). Because edibles are much more potent than consuming dried flower, remember to use a low dosage while infusing your oil or butter for the recipe.

1:1 strains – those that have an equal dosage of THC and CBD – work well for edibles because they offer an evened-out experience as opposed to strains simply high in THC, which could spike your guests in an un-fun way (especially if they fall on the novice side of the cannabis consumer scale).

It’s important to remember that if you infuse a particular type of treat, add a notecard to go with the dish that gives your guests the details, and be sure to make yourself available for any questions they might have.

Arrange your edibles in a way that allows guests to have a small bite easily and advise them to wait at least half an hour to see how they feel before going back for seconds.

Don’t forget an ample cannabis-free selection of treats; your guests will likely have an appetite after an edible, so make sure there are other things they can enjoy without furthering their trip.

When you’re planning your party menu, consider foods that have that certain culinary je ne sais quoi, otherwise known as umami, to delight guests’ palates. Ingredients like seaweed, green tea, parmesan cheese and miso will add some oomph to typical party fare.

Keep vibes at a premium

In addition to a great soundtrack (try Spotify’s ‘Modern Psychedelia’ or ‘Disco Hits 80s-90s’ playlists), your guests will appreciate a bit of visual stimulation, too. Skip the black light display and instead play mesmerizing video clips you can loop (some you’ll have to pay for, but there’s also a free download selection).

Keep the alcohol to a minimum

While weed and wine seem like an ideal combination, mixing the two can have, well, mixed results. In addition to alcohol being a depressant, it can increase your high because it increases levels of THC in your blood.

Instead, try your hand at a few mocktails (so hot right now) and enhance your guests’ experience by paying attention to terpenes in garnishes.


 Offer CBD to anyone who feels too high

In the event one of your guests has become a little too lifted, you don’t need to sequester them in the den to ride it out alone (unless that’s what they want). Stash a high-CBD strain aside for such occasions; it will counteract the cannabinoid (THC) causing their heady trip and set them back on a course to pure party enjoyment.

Don't let anyone consume and drive

Despite what previous experience might lead you to believe, driving while under the influence of any substance is a bad idea. Ensure your guests don’t get behind the wheel after your party, instead offering them the number of a local cab company or encouraging carpools with anyone staying sober.

Story by Odessa Paloma Parker
Illustrations by Lan Truong

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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