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Six pot products to spruce up your next session


Ring Pipe

These cheery pipes are handmade by Vancouver’s Lindsey Hampton. Each piece is “wheel-thrown stoneware and finished with a matte two-colour gradient.” No two are the same, making them ideal for those who want something unique to smoke with. Measuring about 3.5 inches in diameter, they fit comfortably in your hand and are perfectly portable, too.

Regenbogen Ashtray4.jpg

Regenbogen Ashtray

Crafted by design firm Fundamental Berlin, this weighty lead crystal ashtray is traditional with a twist. Usually, lead crystal has a smooth gradient, but a five-color film attached to the bottom of the tray creates the rainbow illusion on this trippy piece. As the clever design company’s co-founder, Stephen K. Molloy, explains, “because of the way that lead crystal breaks glass, it gets pleasingly discombobulated.” Its psychedelic nature makes this ashtray a wondrous statement piece.


Crystal Geo Pipe

Made by Portland’s Stonedware Company, these pretty pipes are destined for display. The size and quantity of the crystals in each style are one-of-a-kind. Stonedware founder Ariel Zimman says they’re “designed with ergonomics in mind, making the shapes fit and feel good in the palm of your hand.” Crafted from porcelain and finished in a food-safe glaze, they’re created for the “aesthetically inclined,” making them a great addition to your coffee table or bookshelf.

vdp-calla-tool-LR (2).jpg

Calla Multi-Tool

Our new multi-tool's design “takes cues from the visually poetic calla lily,” notes Van der Pop's VP of Creative, Berkeley Poole. “A flower both soft and structured, elegant and eternally chic!”. Its detachable pieces allow you to pack, scoop and poke while preparing joints and bowls, and its dainty size allows you to take it anywhere, making it a must-have for sessions on-the-go.

Octahedron Table Lighter and Ashtray2.jpg

Octahedron Table Lighter and Ash Tray Set

Designed by Brooklyn-based Andrew O. Hughes, this vibey lighter and ashtray set stacks into a geometric sculpture when not in use. Made of lost-wax cast dichroic glass, the lighter dazzles the senses as it changes colors depending on the vantage point and lighting in the room. The set “is violet in natural light and blue in fluorescent light, alluding to the changing state-of-mind cannabis provides,” Hughes says. This set is definitely made to impress. 

delmar pipe.JPG

Del Mar Shell Pipe

‘Del Mar’ is the Spanish term for ‘of the sea’. Fitting, then, that this piece is cast from the shape of a real seashell. Made by California’s The Pursuits of Happiness, this petite one-hitter is an ideal summer smoke that’s discrete and delightful. Finished in a semi-matte glaze, these pipes look like an actual shell you found yourself in on a trip to the beach.

Story by Sophie Naprawa

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