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5 budtenders share their tips for a great cannabis experience


While the effects of any cannabis strain are dependent on your body’s own chemistry and your endocannabinoid system, the type of cannabis you consume and how you do so will have an impact on everything about the experience you want to have. When you hit a dispensary, a truly good budtender knows how to help you fine-tune your trip, so always let them chat you up instead of trying to it alone.

Developing your own toolkit of consumption methods, products, and strains starts by listening to what these budtenders have to say; they’re your point people for really understanding how to make the most of flower power.

Maria Fernanda Parker Vizcaino of Grassroots San Francisco on crafting your cannabis ritual

Smoking or vaping are the fastest ways to feel the effects of cannabis. Edibles have longer effect durations but take longer to take effect. For me, it’s all about the ritual. At peaceful spot outside with a view can quickly become the perfect spot for it. Nothing feels as euphoric as smoking the bud of the flower. Call me classic, but the perfect session consists of unbleached papers, sticky California Kush, and good company. 

Mikel J Alvarez of Blüm California on edibles and nostalgic experiences

Understand how much you are consuming before you take your first bite. 5mg or 10mg – know your number. Be sure that you are somewhere safe when consuming, and do not operate a motor vehicle. After taking your edible, give it up to 90 minutes to take full effect. You can always take another bite if you are still in need of more. For me, I love a fresh harvest flower and an old-fashioned ice-water bong. Just like the good ‘ol days.

Cameron Jordan of Los Angeles Valley Caregivers on modern consumption methods

I prefer to smoke flower, but drinks seem to be my thing lately. Plus, there’s no smell. My favorite strain right now is Gelato! It’s so nice. Heavy, yet it keeps me alert and mellow, unlike other indicas. My favourite place to have a session is somewhere that has a lot of trees, and a lot snacks are required. The beach is nice, too!

Jo’Anna Fry of Uncle Ike’s Seattle on starting low + going slow

My best advice to anyone who is new is to start out in small doses to figure out where you want to be. It's easy to up the high, but you can't undo it. Pace yourself and enjoy.

Alexandra Anna Manuli of Reef Dispensaries on the merits of micro-dosing

My best advice to a cannabis beginner is to take it nice and slow! Don't eat a whole edible or feel like you need to finish your joint. Micro-dosing is the best way to enjoy your pot.

Story by Danielle Guercio

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