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Dawson + Hellmann take downtime to a new high


Creating sleep and loungewear for bold babes with a sense of humor, Dawson + Hellmann – helmed by Sonya Dawson and Analise Hellmann – is a brand redefining the notion of what weed-centric design can be. Their thoughtfully-made pieces are crafted in women-run studios in India and Vietnam, and feature embroidery and prints depicting cannabis, the Kama Sutra, and other cheeky motifs. “In the very beginning we were going to be a bedding company,” says Dawson over the phone from Malibu. “We thought that was really something that was missing – this aesthetic, where instead of traditional phrases like ‘Bon Nuit’, we wanted something funnier with like, hand-embroidered pot leaves and a more modern sensibility.”

For years, anything splashed with a cannabis leaf pattern generally wasn’t something worn by, or marketed to, professional women, moms, or those, say, above college age. Dawson + Hellmann’s clever, refined offering is breaking down the stereotypes that women a) can't have a bit of fun and b) can't be cannabis consumers, all while putting their label in some very chic shops. “Our pajamas are sold at Opening Ceremony,” Dawson notes. “We are kind of first, and we are coming out with all this new development. And when I say first, I mean that we have both quality and a level of subversity.”


This element of subversion is present in the brand’s social media feed as well, pushing a female-first message in a cagey way. “It’s important to our brand, because our brand is about relaxation and treating yourself,” says Dawson. “We present a different kind of symbolism of that, pushing this pro-female massage whether it is with pot, or about PJs, and taking time for yourself.”

With their ‘treat yo’self’ mentality, Dawson and Hellmann are also advocating for the normalization of cannabis use, and touting its potential to play a role in life’s little rituals. “With every one of our PJs, when we wrap them, we put rolling papers on top,” says Dawson. “It’s fun and it’s witty.”

Story by Odessa Paloma Parker
Photos courtesy of @dawsonhellmann

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