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Founded by Caroline Mauro, INDA Creations is a brand focused on holistic healing. Offering a range of accessories, wellness tools and apothecary items, Mauro's interest is centred around promoting the benefits of nature's healing elements, including crystals and plant medicine. Finding inspiration in Mauro's powerful message, we naturally wanted to know what her session set-up comprises of. 


Tinctures, personal batch

As someone who is one part product development-inclined and one part CBD-obsessed, I regularly witch around with hemp oil from the farm and other adaptogens like MCT oil to create tinctures and face oils that I use daily for my personal beauty regimen. CBD has been a game changer for me – it keeps my skin radiant, my body pain free and my heart and mind happy and uplifted.

Pro tip: Know how your cannabis is grown and where your CBD comes from!  The market is getting flooded with brands and some subpar, ineffective products as CBD becomes the buzziest ingredient in wellness – we must seek non-tainted lab tested products, no different than seeking clean beauty products or organic, natural foods. As consumers and patients who are using CBD to heal and treat, choose companies who offer transparency about how and where their crop is farmed and regularly test for efficacy.

Smudge Stick, Palo Santo + Abalone Shell, INDA Creations

I’m a sage junkie…it’s infused everywhere throughout the line. Each time I light our smudge sticks in my studio, it reminds me of the farm where the sage and hemp is grown…it transports me back to being immersed in nature and living simply – rolling fields, natural springs, fresh food and the little farm I love and it cleanses and purifies my space.

Pro Tip : When smudging, don’t forget to get the shadow spaces like dark corners and behind doors.


 Hemp + Sage Honey, INDA Creations

If an IV drip of hemp honey ever becomes a thing, I would be the first to sign up. The ROI in having a jar of quality hemp-infused honey on-hand cannot be stressed’s helped to alleviate my menstrual symptoms, decrease my anxiety, improve my sleep quality and the list goes on.

Pro tip: Think outside the kitchen; not just to be paired with your morning tea, use your sweet medicine to make homemade dressings, marinades, cocktails, tonics, smoothies – the sky’s the limit on what you can create with this as your secret weapon.

Crystal Pipe, Elevate Jane

As a crystal aficionado, I lost my mind when I first spotted these one of a kind, hand-cut crystal pipes from my favorite smoke shop, Elevate Jane. My favorite stone is amethyst, which reminds me to stay in my highest meditative state and helps me clear my mind.

Cannabis/Crystal Bolo, INDA Creations

I have taken a liking to developing smaller, limited edition collections. The Jane is the perfect emblem to celebrate all things green and keeps both the cannabis leaf and crystal quartz right where they belong – close to my heart.

Reprogram and give yourself the space and time to be creative! After years of limiting my creativity to narrowed skill sets that were work-related, I finally allowed myself to play in a more creative space, taught myself how to make jewelry and slowly but surely INDA was born.


Pre-Roll Single Joint, Stone Road Farms

I’ve completely fallen for Stone Road Farms, from the flower from their organic grow (you really can’t go wrong with any of their strains) to their killer packaging and a rewards program sending you to local concerts as the cherry on top.

Pro tip: Be brand loyal to the ones who operate with heart. Stone Road’s ethos is founded upon adventuring down the road less traveled and curating experiences along the way, which is largely how I steer my own ship, so it feels more personal and connected when I indulge in their products.

Rose Petal Joint, Sacred Flower Farms

It’s no secret that I am a sucker for anything related to flowers and herbs, so the idea of smoking flower out of a flower really gives me butterflies.

Pro tip: While roses come backed with built-in health benefits from their terpenes (used for centuries in helping with inflammation, gastro issues and other ailments), that inner beauty only matches the outer beauty if, and only if, your rose blunt is made from an organic (read: pesticide free) rose.

Heal herbal Blend, INDA Creations

Three words – smoke, sip, soak! INDA’s Heal Blend (hemp, lavender, mint leaf and raspberry leaf) and our other herbal blends can cater to any mood. Multi-purpose, you can twist them into a J or in your pipe, use in a tea ball or as a bath soak. It’s nice to have the option to partake in the ritual of smoking and mellowing out without the psychoactive high, and this has proven to be a calming alternative.


Pipe Necklace, INDA Creations

I know I may seem partial, but the pipe necklace is my favorite way to consume, mostly because supports my adventurous lifestyle but also because people "Ooh" and "Ahh" when I share it’s little secret (the best party trick!). I designed this piece after identifying a need for something portable, wearable, fashionable and discreet that allows you to carry your stash with you and consciously consume on all of your journeying.

Pro Tip:  If you have an upcoming art festival, concert or show, or any outdoor adventures planned, elevate and enhance  your experience by bringing your flower and pipe necklace along.

Crystal, rock + selenite, personal

I am so attached to my crystal and rock collection and would have serious separation anxiety to let any of these beauties go (it runs so deep that my friends nicknamed me “the crystal witch”). The blue and tan stone is my favorite…I found it when I was living in Nicaragua and incepting my brand. To me the stone’s coloring and pattern represents the ocean and the earth. I was holding it when I got attuned during my Reiki certification, so it’s now reiki charged and extra special!

Pro Tip:  When choosing your crystals, forget the informational cards at first glance.  If you feel a pulse or a particular crystal (hot and cold sensations or feelings of peace and calm) , it likely contains a healing property that you need.  Establish relationships with small metaphysical shops so that you can ask about where the crystals hail from to ensure they are authentic vs. ordering online and as always, support local!

Small oval purple box, personal

Being a bit of a wanderer has taught me a lot about trimming down my personal belongings, so the pieces that make their way through the annual purge have to really hold some value – otherwise it’s just “stuff”.  The oldest item in my stash, this vintage pill box, which now holds my (plant) medicine. Passed down from my grandmother, it constantly reminds me of one of the people who truly shaped who I am today.


Journal, Elevate Jane x Gold Leaf

Pen to paper is beginning to feel like a lost art, so having this on hand helps a lot in my efforts to stay grounded and really speaks to my old soul. Not your average journal though; this helps document your cannabis journey and reaction to different strains. It’s helped me to better understand my body, hone in on micro-dosing and map out a regimen that works best for me.

Mondo Meds, Mondo Meds

Let’s be honest, in the cannabis space you’re seeing a lot of the same thing packaged differently, so this jar of incredibly innovative pulverized, water soluble, powdered dreams immediately held my attention. It’s a product that was designed with the intention to be subtly but regularly integrated into your routine. On the brink of a wellness revolution, we need to look into products like this and start considering the swap for what’s currently sitting in our medicine closets and kitchen cupboards.

Wand, personal

After a long weekend of festival vending in Sedona, this magical wand appeared by way of a sweet customer.  She visited my booth previously and said she saw it and immediately thought I had to have it to inspire more creativity and magic…so touching and quite possibly the most thoughtful gift from a near stranger and now friend (and it reminds me to never take myself too seriously).

Hemp + Sage Balm, INDA Creations

I have been dealing with a painful disc issue for several months and our Hemp + Sage Balm has been so helpful in working through this injury. The vitamin E and coconut oil also makes it extra healing for dry and cracked skin too – I even use it on my lips as chapstick.

Pro tip: Bring your balm to your masseuse to use and incorporate in your session. I promise you’ll never look back.

Magazine, Mj Lifestyle

The cannabis space needs more beautiful imagery, inspiring and educational content, and unique voices to highlight and elevate culture. With a background in fashion styling and art direction, I was over the moon to see this magazine come to fruition and found so much joy collaborating on certain pieces throughout. The ladies behind this magazine and their mission really stole some serious real estate in my heart.


Tarot Cards, Prisma Visions

Cannabis and tarot cards make a great pairing, used to hone our intuition and gain clarity. As a highly visual human, I love this Prisma Visions deck as the cards and spread works together to tell a story…it features a continuous narrative; when all 14 cards are lined up, they form a complete panoramic image and highly imaginative work of art. Each suit is said to have specific ties to the four elements (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) as well as the four seasons.

Pin, HausWitch

This is pin hails from my favorite shop on the East Coast and my first wholesale account, Haus Witch. Erica Feldman, the “Head Witch in Charge” and founder of this home and healing shop has impeccable taste, a remarkable brand story and background, and is a huge inspiration to me.

Photos by Alexandra Pettinato

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