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Dear Vandy: I work all the time and want to find ways to incorporate cannabis to help me relax, but am on a budget (I’ve got student debt to deal with, so no fun music fest getaways for me!) – what sorts of activities would you recommend?

Stressed Out Susan aka SOS


Here Susan, let Vandy help to soothe your soul. Over 3.4 million women* are interested in learning how cannabis can support relaxation, and you definitely don’t need much moo-lah in order to have a blissful time!

As summer comes to a close, I’ve compiled a list of favourite elevated activities that will help to make your next day off feel oh-so-satisfying! Once you’ve considered how you want to consume and what to consume, you’ll be all set!

1.    Go on a bike ride

If you don’t have a pair of wheels, borrow some of a friend (or rent-a-bike!)! Next step? Choose a destination in your hometown, pack some snacks and make a day trip out of it! Not only will you get some exercise, but cruising through the breeze is also a wonderful way to see places you haven’t been to before and find some much-needed inspiration. Get to know your city through a whole new lens and make sure to bring a camera!

2.    Star Gaze

Summer activities are not just for the daytime, so take advantage of the evening hours by laying back and gazing into a night sky. Staring up at a map of sparkling constellations and pondering the wonders of the universe is an easy way to disconnect from the mundanity of everyday life. Make it fun by bringing a comfy blanket, a pair of binoculars and a star chart so you can become a connoisseur of cosmic constellations (who doesn’t want that title?)! You might just be lucky enough too see a shooting star or two.

3.    Go to a park

Gather your friends, family and/or pets together and spend the day in the sunshine at your local public park. Mix in some snacks, Frisbee, soccer and good conversation and you’ve got all the right ingredients for a day that will leave you feeling like you had a mini vacation. Just make sure to stay well hydrated as no one wants to enjoy elevated activities without a means to quench your thirst.  

4.    Hang with your BFF(s)

Melt your stresses away by having a proper hang with your nearest and dearest! Whether you’ve had a busy summer with work (or work + family!) use your next relaxing moment to reconnect with your friends-till-the-end. Whether you spend hours in conversation while taking a stroll, or cooking a lavish meal together, this is a simple yet deeply rejuvenating way to find relaxation without breaking the bank!

5.    Try Geocaching

I know, not the most familiar activity, but one you should consider! Geocaching is part outdoor adventure, part treasure hunt, and is a fun way to spend an entire day away from the hustle and bustle of a demanding work schedule. All you need is the GPS on your phone! Once you set up an account, then you're off in search of hidden caches! The “caches” are little-hidden treasures left by seekers before you and there are definitely some gems hiding in your hood. Happy hunting!

Overall, cannabis can be a powerful agent for self-care; just make sure you’re keeping an eye out for number one and avoid burning the candle at both ends. Your body and mind will benefit from these healthy activities and you may find that by factoring in some proper R&R, your productivity levels at work will be enhanced too!

*Van der Pop ‘Women and Weed’ study, September 2017

Van der Pop does not condone or endorse the illegal consumption of cannabis.




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