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Finding Your Joy


In the face of life’s challenges, finding your inner bliss is one of the greatest ongoing quests. Thankfully, as self-care remains an evergreen topic of interest, one can quickly learn that this journey can incorporate anything from quiet meditation and yoga practice, to food, crystals, friendship, sex and, of course, cannabis. The plant has long been known to enhance life’s simple pleasures, and there’s no shortage of ways to add it to your pursuit of happiness.


To find inspiration in sparking your various experiences of joy, we asked three women to share how they use cannabis to enhance their daily delights. To paraphrase the wise words of self-fulfillment guru Oprah Winfrey: “Happiness is there for the toking, and the making.”

Claudia Mata, co-founder of Vertly

“I love spending time with my husband and cannabis is one way in which we can connect.  Some nights we unwind and relax together with wine, some nights it's with cannabis. I think it’s important to experiment because everyone has a personal preference of consumption and everyone reacts differently. The goal is to enjoy the moment, so it’s important to make it your own. For relaxation, I know that I prefer a very low dose, or micro-dose, and usually in some kind of edible. If I’ve had a long day, this practice subtly calms and clears my monkey-mind and brings me to a peaceful state of being.”

Laura Di Cecco, founder of Elevated Asana

“I incorporate cannabis into my wellness and spiritual rituals. In the same way that I sage and cleanse my space, read my tarot or dive into meditation, I roll my herb and smoke it. I mindfully prepare my cannabis, set an intention for how I want to feel, thank Mother Earth for providing the plant and consume it while staying as present and connected as possible. This process makes for a peaceful and joyful experience of cannabis that’s connects to other activities that bring pleasure. About a year ago I began committing to a home yoga practice. The first time I consumed cannabis on my mat was the first time I realized how positive a moment it could be. The connection between my breath and body was strong and powerful. My mind fell at ease and became vastly open. It was incredible.”

Margot Keith, hairstylist and makeup artist

“I find consuming cannabis can enhance the pleasure of so many experiences that I regularly enjoy and can be a great alternative to alcohol. It just takes the edge off of a long workweek or a bad day. I mainly smoke sativa and appreciate how energetic it can make me feel. In the summer, a joint and an ice cold Perrier is my favoured accompaniment for the beach and can be so relaxing! I consume cannabis whether with friends, or by myself, and it’s especially fun to enjoy before a movie. It gets the giggles going and makes the popcorn even more delectable!”

How does cannabis bring you joy? Tell us at @vanderpop.

By Caitlin Agnew

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