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5 ways cannabis can enhance self-care rituals


For many people, smoking weed is a sacred and healing practice. With wellness increasingly on our busy minds, it’s no surprise that blending cannabis with care makes for a desirable combination.

As women, our everyday lives are certainly stressful; we must find balance between managing our home life, careers and personal lives. It should be recognized that taking time to tend to ourselves is mandatory.

Being grounded is an ability that many individuals strive for to stay focused and balanced. Grounding is known as the process of reconnecting to the earth and its subtle energy; cannabis comes from the ground, so there is a connection.

The experience of consuming cannabis is no longer thought of as limited to being glued to the couch and hitting up your favorite food-delivery service (even though that’s a form of self-care, too). Nowadays, more and more stoner babes are using cannabis to heal their minds and bodies through a variety of rituals. Here are five ways cannabis can be used to find your way back to yourself.

Duh. Munchies are often prone to happen when consuming many cannabis strains, and we’re not going to judge if you want to break out that bag of corn chips. But cooking while baked can be food for the soul, as well as a restorative practice. The feeling of digging in to wholesome foods and drinking an ice-cold glass of water can be almost orgasmic when you’re lifted. There’s also a great sense of accomplishment from doing something to nurture your own body. If you choose baking as your therapy, remember to acknowledge the gift of giving yourself creative permission to experiment and play with creating your own edibles.

Flower power and mindfulness go hand-in-hand together. Consuming cannabis before meditation can help you connect with deeper thoughts – and get into deeper yoga poses. And more and more, local studios are realizing the reputed healing capabilities of combining a regular yoga practice with medicinal Mary Jane. Seek out “elevated” sessions happening near you, and get ready to exhale the negativity after inhaling a bit of green.

There’s nothing like submerging yourself in a tub full of hot water surrounded by aromatic steam and an uplifted spirit. Take the time to figure out what essential oils you best connect with and add some of them to your bath water, and to the moisturizer you use post-soak. Once the body has been blessed, it’s time to indulge the face. Try an all-natural infused face oil (the offerings will vary depending on State law) to reap the reported benefits of cannabis compounds, which range from anti-inflammatory to detoxifying.

Take a Hike
Partaking in some green goodness while being immersed by greenery is another potential practice of serenity. Walking barefoot and connecting to the earth will feel like second-nature, and spending time outdoors in the fresh air will elevate your already enhanced vibration.

Get Spiritual
Many of us become more attuned to our inner voice through heightened senses, so it’s no surprise that the allure of mystical power has become a part of cannabis culture. The notion of connecting to a higher self can help you divine what lies ahead, and tarot cards make for a fun future forecasting. Cannabis can enhance the openness required to cultivate a healing space and incorporating pulling a tarot card into a daily ritual can help set your intention for the day, and refocus your goals. Consider burning Palo Santo or sage to help clear out any negative energy before playing with magic!

In the end, the goal of these suggestions is to make a relaxing or rejuvenating ritual a part of your routine, in order to embark on a path to optimal wellness. Transform your next session by adding the time to meditate, eat well, enjoy fresh air or luxuriate and remember that practice makes perfect.

Story by Jagger Blaec
Photo by Saty + Pratha

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