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Girls Night Out


Girls Night Out

Planning some quality time with your crew? Infuse your girls night with cannabis, as this flower is technically a lady too! Whether kicking back for a movie night; getting fancy to go dancing; saying ahh at the spa; or working out as a group, we've picked some of our favourite dates with suggestions for pot pairings and ways to imbibe for elevating your next adventure together. 


OPTION 1: Film Fest

Whether you pack your living room floor with pillows or head out to the theatre, movie night and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly. Select a strain to match the vibe of your flick pick. Hitting up a rom’ com? Consider an indica-leaning hybrid for fun, dreamy vibes. Pursuing a sidesplitting comedy or action-packed thriller? A bubbly sativa will keep you on your toes while providing a nice buzz as well.

Snack on classic movie staples: buttery popcorn, Milk Duds, and Twizzlers (unless you’re on the hummus and carrots side of that debate). You can double the fun by learning how to make your own edibles of the sweet, savoury and drinkable varieties. If you’re hosting at home, have each of your girls bring a snack to share with the whole gang.

OPTION 2: Dancing Queens

Grab your girls and hit the dance floor to have the time of your livessss. Whether you shimmy into the club of the moment, or end up at your local karaoke bar, keeping the energy up is key and alcohol isn’t necessary. If you feel inclined to shift your state of mind, enhance your moves with an uplifting, peppy sativa strain. If the evening’s energy is a bit more atmospheric, look for a well-balanced hybrid with enough indica for a slight body high that’ll let you sway, without turning all of you into beautiful wallflowers.

And once the house lights come on, closing time equals pizza hour. Find the nearest slice window and toast to your good time, ladies—all those twinkle toes have earned it.

OPTION 3: Spa Day

If relaxing and retiring early sounds better to you and your crew, plan a day at the spa for some deep and restorative leisure time. A couple’s massage doesn’t have to be romantic; it can include your best gal just the same, or each of your friends can pick a treatment catered to their tastes. The point is to revel in the benefits of self-care, together, and remember that it is essential for your success in every other aspect of your lives.

To totally sink into a massage, facial, or sauna session, mellow out with a light hybrid strain that offers a pleasant body high. If you’d rather transform your home into a hub of rest and relaxation, invite everyone over for an evening of treatments using the non-psychoactive benefits of CBD-infused beauty products. You can make your own by mixing CBD topical oil into a shower scrub, coconut oil, or favourite moisturizer.

OPTION 4: Sweat ‘n Snack

Some activities are even better with company. Cheer each other on through an intense spin class, meditative yoga flow, or just a leisurely walk through your local park. Exercising with your friends is an excellent way to bond while also keeping each other accountable for health and wellness with a boost of endorphins. When adding cannabis to the workout regime, choose a mild dose of sativa for high-energy activities like running and for more soothing practices, such as yoga, look to hybrid strains, and particularly ones that are high-CBD.

Overall, while the ingredients to create a fabulous and memorable girls night do not require cannabis, it can be fun addition when you and others are feeling up for it. Whatever the activity, if you need a nice complement to the atmosphere, it can do the trick. Remember to look for strains to match the vibe you’re feeling and consider the many different ways to imbibe. Whether you’re passing a joint, or trying out some CBD oils, enjoy those high times with your best girls and celebrate your collective achievements.

By Amanda Zurita

Illustration by Marlo Hwang

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