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Dear Vandy,

I want to add some sizzle back into the mix with my partner  - how should I incorporate cannabis to enhance my sex life?

Hopeful Romantic


Hey Hopeful,

First, it’s worth noting that you are certainly not alone with this inquiry! Based on Van der Pop’s survey stats, approximately *6.4 million women across North America want to know how cannabis can enhance their sex life.

Recent findings generated from a large-scale study led by the Stanford University School of Medicine found that cannabis use can increase sex drive and does not appear to inhibit performance. Clearly, this herb is an important addition to many bedside tables and will only benefit thousands more as we head into an era of legally available cannabis!   

See here for VDP’s Hot Box Guide to learn some essential info about how our body responds to cannabis during sex. Understanding the nuances of this special physiological relationship can help you decide which sorts of effects you may wish to uncover from incorporating cannabis in the bedroom–not to mention the ways in which it can be applied!

In a nutshell? THC – the cannabinoid best known for its psychoactive effects – can be a great source of enhancement when getting intimate with your partner as it is known to stimulate our body’s sensitivity to touch. However, as high-THC strains can lead some to a “heady” state and cause a buzz-kill, you may want to steer clear of these and experiment with a CBD-dominant strain instead (nothing ruins the mood more than overthinking whether the kids are still awake!). CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is known to lend well to encouraging body relaxation, without providing the same side effects as THC. Read here for more details!

Now for the fun stuff – it’s also essential to consider how you set the right vibe. As cannabis can heighten sensorial stimulation, when thinking of the five senses, your experience will only be enhanced if you ensure you’ve got all the right ingredients to lead to a euphoric state of pleasure, comfort and complete tranquility. The setting and way you consume or apply cannabis is totally up to you and your partner!

First point of advice? Slow down. There’s no need to create an elaborate, detailed plan when first experimenting with how cannabis can affect intimacy; a little can go a long way! The addition of this herbal aphrodisiac–alone–is enough to change how you experience pleasure with your partner.

Some tips?

  • SIGHT - Find the right light – while candles can be nice, if you’re more concerned about them becoming a potential fire hazard than a nice accompaniment to your evening’s glow, then forget ‘em and choose low-wattage light bulbs that soften the ambiance without (literally) causing alarm.

  • SOUND - Find some good tunes! Whether slow & sexy R&B, or a more atmospheric soundtrack, it’s important to be on the same page as your partner, because hey, if jazz doesn’t set the right mood, it may become extra-obvious once you’ve elevated your senses with cannabis.

  • TOUCH – Ah yes, a highly important component indeed. As cannabis can increase your sensitivity to touch, why not enhance the experience by incorporating some fine fabrics! Investing in a set of high-thread count bed-sheets will not only encourage a good night’s sleep, but also provide an extra comfortable setting for some fun beforehand.

  • SMELL – Scent can play a powerful role in romance as well. Whether you choose to light some incense, incorporate essential oils, or simply introduce in food, natural aromas such as cinnamon, ylang-ylang, vanilla and rose are known to stimulate arousal.

  • TASTE – As you elevate your senses, your response to flavor can be enhanced as well, which is why choosing some of your favourite food/beverage pairings (i.e. wine + cheese, champagne + berries, chocolate +……more chocolate) will aid in satisfying desire, while providing fuel for fun physical activity (as you advance your experimentation with cannabis, edibles may be another way to explore how you can find some fun with your partner).

Above all, however you and your partner choose to incorporate cannabis into date night, remember to relax, communicate and have fun!

High Regards,

*Van der Pop ‘Women and Weed’ study, September 2017

Van der Pop does not condone or endorse the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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