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There’s a lot of joy to be had in some one-on-one time. Prioritizing your best friend, a new friend, someone who inspires you, a long-time lover or someone you’re just getting to know – be it for a tête à tête or a pas de deux – is a fundamental way to forge meaningful connections without distraction. And if you’re feeling up for it, this kind of personal intimacy can align well with cannabis use of all sorts too.  


But what’s a girl to do when you’re not on the same page? In the 1977 movie Annie Hall, Annie (played by Diane Keaton) is about to light up her pre-bed joint when her partner Alvy (played by the film’s disgraced auteur, Woody Allen) stops her, saying “It ruins it for me if you have grass.” While they’re getting busy, Annie’s mind leaves her body, and due to the feelings induced from his negative and uncompromising comment, her experience becomes unenjoyable and depressing.

It needn’t be this way! Having open conversations about cannabis use is key to making the most of one-on-one experiences. If one person prefers indica-heavy edibles while the other enjoys a bong hit of sativa, talk about it first and find a way to ensure your consumption choices are comfortable and optimized, for the both of you.  

Here are some of the key ways cannabis can provide pleasure-enhancing ingredients to your connection.  


Whether you work in a creative field, are planning your next side hustle, or are simply working on a personal project like redecorating your home, collaborating with others is an invaluable step in bringing your ideas to fruition. The right partner can help you take things to the next level and they can also bring you back to earth when you’re reaching pie-in-the-sky status. It’s all about the creative magic of two points of view – it’s why some of the best songs are duets (i.e. The Carters), why Sherlock needs Watson, and why every artist has a muse.

Cannabis can be a great catalyst for creativity, so to make the most of these brainstorming sessions, first consider what you’d like to achieve before gathering your materials — no matter what you’re doing, going lo-fi with pencils and paper is always a good place to start. Consider how cannabis can best enhance this process by factoring in a strain known to boost creativity, like an energizing sativa, versus slowing you down. The rest is history in the making.  


In our hyper-connected world, there’s nothing more aspirational than the idea of being truly relaxed. Achieving this state with your BFF or significant other? Priceless. However, relaxation doesn’t have to mean transforming into a pair of couch-bound sloths, it’s about whatever you feel like doing in the moment, which can be as passive or as active as you like. Some classic examples include listening to music (at a live show or from the comfort of home), going to an art opening, doing yoga, or simply lying in the sun (poolside, seaside, in your backyard or on a patio, and always with SPF). Sharing these little pauses from life’s responsibilities with someone special can make them even sweeter, and enhancing your solitude with cannabis can be icing on the cake. If you and/or your amigo are having trouble letting go of work-oriented stresses, an indica-dominant strain, which is commonly used for its more sedative qualities, may be the first step in finding your ultimate way to chill together. If you’re seeking something more stimulating, return to a sativa or find a varietal that is high CBD/low THC. Read here if you’re interested in learning more about how different strains can work for different times of day.


Bringing cannabis into the bedroom seems to have almost unanimously positive results, and particularly for women. Cannabis can enhance the quality of women’s sex lives, which is a welcome focus at a time when dismal stats on female pleasure are still making headlines (a recent Australian study found that 96 percent of men achieved orgasm during their most recent partner-sex encounter, versus only 69 percent of women). Clearly, these stats need to change! Ingesting a strain that is reported to provide a body high without too much psychoactive stimulus can get you and your partner in the right sort of elevated mood. Topical products can be helpful too! For example, a CBD-enhanced lubricant, which can parlay into both relaxation and more intense orgasms (yes-please), can replace a smoke session if you’d prefer. There’s no need to go for a blunt if you know it’ll compromise your experience–talk it out and see what feels best for the both of you.  

Story by Caitlin Agnew

Photo by Saty + Pratha

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.



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