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April Pride

It's summer and that means cocktails. But this summer, we propose that you hold the liquor and add the Zoots! Seattle-based Zoots tapped several cannabis-friendly, well, friends to create drinks with its cannabis-infused ZootDrops. Van der Pop Founder April Pride included. A week of living clean and high is detailed below. 



TUESDAY: Yesterday, you took care of your house. Today, take care of your body. Replace the Lemon ZootDrops with Mandarin Lime to give you that stimulating sativa kick, find your FOCUS and then go to the gym. Or go for a hike. All natural sugars in this low cal drink will keep you up and keep you healthy.

MONDAY: Start your week off right. CLEAN your body, then CLEAN your house. The Mandarin Lime ZootDrops will give you just the kick you need to reach energetic nirvana. The ginger root will get your stomach and metabolism off on the right foot while the red beet boosts your immune system with vitamin-C, fiber and potassium. The perfect way to get lifted and stay there. After all, an apple a day...


WEDNESDAY: Impromptu Backyard Barbeque! Go fortified with an essential PARTY elixir for that perfect buzz. The easiest drink to make on this list. Your choice of ginger beer will do, but we prefer Seattle-local Rachel's Ginger Beer in Blood Orange. It brings out just the right flavors to give Yippee Ki-yay its rightful name. Add a shot of your favorite spirit and it is ON. (Note that mixing alcohol and cannabis tinctures create different experiences for each person. If you're a beginner, only mix in 1 shot and add the typical 10mg of drops. 10mg = 2 capfuls = one serving. Then wait an hour before you add more.)



THURSDAY: FORGET the night before? Had a little too much fun? After all, drinking alcohol just borrows happiness from the next day... But who needs a morning coffee when you've got a Bloody Mary with some Jane on the side. Activate your day with this herbal alternative.





SATURDAY: RELAX. You, presumably, got a lot of work done this week. Time to take a break. Refresh yourself with a chilled tea and let the soothing effects of the Lemon ZootDrops' chamomile wash over you. Your mind will stay clear while you embrace your body buzz. Bottoms up.




FRIDAY: Take a TRIP down memory lane for the ultimate flashback. Remember drinking lemonade on a hot summer day as a kid? This is the upgraded version. Whether you add a spirit or not, this is a great way to celebrate the last day of the work week! Again, watch out for mixing alcohol with ZootDrops!




SUNDAY NIGHT: Get a good night's SLEEP before the start of next week. Lavender is great for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness. If you're nervous for Monday, this is the perfect drink for you. Oh, and any digestive issues or bloating that you may have after all those late night munchies on Saturday night? Yeah...lavender helps with that, too. Sip. Sip. Win.  

Stick with this schedule...and you'll be in for the best week ever. Cheers to summer!

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