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April Pride

After reading WeedWeek's report about Richard Branson recommending all parents smoke with their kids, we asked our followers on Instagram to share their stories of passing the pipe, blunt, bong, apple, etc. with their parents or their kids! Below are the stories shared by our followers - and fans of Vandy. 

“One special memory and my cousin’s favorite story to tell is the time after another cousin’s wedding reception when my dad pulled out one of his famous joints by the hotel pool and we and our uncles passed it around. They told hilarious stories from growing up and explained family traumas and relationship dynamics. We’re all very close but the family is so rarely together."   -Anonymous  

“My youngest son waited until his 21st b-day to smoke a bowl with his mom. Actually I walked in the room when he was taking a hit, & he got the worst guilty look on his face, LOL! I said son, I’ve known for years! 😂” 


“I had always been a pretty uptight, goody-two-shoes kid even as an adult. Both of my parents were surely not, so they were always amazed/amused by this. When recreational use became legal in Oregon, my dad told me he would bring me some herb after I expressed interest in trying it. So he’s over at my place for dinner, we’re all smoking, and I made a joke about Trailer Park Boys. He laughs and tells me the weed we’re smoking was grown by my distant cousin in his trailer, in the trailer park that he manages. Did not know my family had such refined roots. 😂”   -Anonymous

“On April 4:20 of this year my dad’s best friend’s daughter got married at his house and he was walking around smoking cones and his personal pipe trying to get everyone high, but a lot of the people were prudes and got mad at the guy (Jake*). Jake tried many times to pass it to my dad, so he eventually got me really high and then my dad just walked up and grabbed the pipe. But he hasn’t  smoked in like 40 years so it was f^cking awesome that he remembered how to hit the bowl with a carb! But not only did he  hit it, it  was  a 1.8g bowl and it was greens and he kashed the whole thing in one go. And then I don’t really remember much, but like my dad got super blazed and kept trying to pass me a bowl full of ashes and he thought that sh^t was funny.”                                                                                                                                                  -Anonymous

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“About 6 months before the Washington state legalization, my mom had surgery, how has phantom pain. So when it became legal she started smoking for pain. I got severe anxiety I smoke for. My dad smokes for fun, but it’s brought my family together.”  -Anonymous

Have a good story of smoking with your parents or your kids? Send them our way! 

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