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As the Creative Director and Head of Product Development at Raven Grass, Nichole Graf – who formerly worked at Madewell – pushes the cannabis industry forward by creating savvy stash essentials. She’s also the co-author of Grow Your Own, a handy book that helps you through the process of cultivating (and consuming) your own flower. Given her cred, we're natually thrilled that Nichole offered to show us her trove of weed treasures.


My lungs and I have a deal; if I want to be able to be a real runner, I’m not allowed much real smoking. I’m all about using a refillable vaporizer for flower or our Pure Cannabis Concentrate. I’ve currently got a K-Stick Supreme from Kandypens as my go-to packable. It’s one of the best values as far as quality for the price that I’ve found on the market, and I’ve tried quite a few. It’s discreet, has a great weight in your hand, and is a totally non-garish gold.

I like to make sure I have extra atomizers pre-filled with a nice assortment of strains and bring along my little pots to refill them as needed. Our pots have strain decals on the back, but I like to bring along our strain cards as a reminder of cannabinoid/terpene profiles and experiential descriptions for everything I’ve got with me. Letting friends make an informed choice about what to consume is a really fun way to share your stash.


I also always have a jar of our Body Concentrate in my kit. It’s just a pure, raw organic coconut oil infused with our Pure Cannabis Concentrate. I usually keep Frida (one of our proprietary CBD strains) on hand and use it as a balm for achy muscles or to sneak in my dinner if I’m on the road for work and in the mood for an edible. It’s really convenient to micro-dose with and get the slightest CBD sparkle going throughout the day.

All of that said. I usually pack a vial of our CBD-Blend Smokes with me if I’m meeting friends, and I’ll sneak a few pulls; who can resist sharing a super-special joint with their friends?! I’m only human. I love curating which blend to bring based on what I’m getting in to. Blueberry Moon is a blend of Blueberry Trainwreck and Frida, and it’s got the perfect mix of shivery euphoria and a seductive loosening of inhibitions for really fun date nights.

STASH05 (1).jpg

A sassy matchbook is the oldest actual item in my stash. It’s from in Wallace, ID and I picked it up on my drive from the east coast to move to Olympia. Wallace is home to the Oasis Bordello Museum, which houses unsettling vintage mannequins set up in a recreation of late-80s life in the brothel, right down to the Atari.

The stash pouch itself is from my days designing accessories for Madewell, and I’ve had it longer than any of the items inside.

I always make sure I have a little sketch book in my stash kit for jotting notes – product ideas, valuable insights (ahem), and new painting concepts tend to pop up after a good session. I’d have a hard time letting it go because a. That shit is gold and b. That shit is probably embarrassing. Paired with sketchbook are one skinny black pen (Delfonics and/or two rotating colors of marker or pencil). Be prepared to make art wherever you wind up.

I unintentionally have a hard time letting go pretty rocks and googly eyes. I think they’re multiplying because somehow, they wind up everywhere.


Donate all of your other lighters to your grabby friends (that will eventually steal them anyways) and get yourself a Clipper. They’re maybe a couple of dollars more than a Bic, but so worth it. They’re refillable, reflintable, and the little metal roller pops out to reveal a packing tool to tamper your joints or poke at a bowl. Plus, they come in so many fun colorways. They’re like the Swatch of lighters.

Also, always have lip balm in your stash kit, duh. We’re all secretly always on the hunt for the best old school stick-style lip balm right? Just me? Whatever, this one by Dimes is IT. It’s also like, $7, so it better be. But seriously, they’ve nailed the texture, flavor, and staying power. It’s a really nice experience to give yourself once you’re stoned.

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