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Dear Vandy,

Since it's summertime, SPF is on my mind. Does a cannabis-infused product do anything to affect my sun care routine?

Not So Shady


Dear Not So Shady,

It’s a good thing you asked because in short, the answer to your question is yes! Cannabis-infused products have the ability to do wonders for your sun care routine both pre and post-sizzle, helping potentially prevent and soothe sunburns. Although the science is limited, by taking what we do know about CBD and the use of topicals, there’s reason to believe that cannabis-infused SPF or topicals would be a great addition to your long, sunny days.

There are two ways a CBD topical or cannabis-infused sunscreen could really help your skin. The first is sunburn prevention. I should be clear, a CBD topical should not replace your SPF; rather they should work in tandem. Just as a refresher, Sun Protection Factor (SPF) tells you the amount of time you can be in the sun without beginning to burn. For example, if you are wearing 30 SPF, it will take your skin 30x longer to burn than it would without SPF. It is very important to wear when in the sun because it protects you from the sun’s UV rays that cause burns.

In addition to your SPF of choice, lathering yourself in some CBD infused lotion pre-sunbath can really take your burn prevention measures to the next level. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the popular non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and is used to provide numerous health benefits.  We also know that CBD is comprised of Vitamin E and C, which like this particular cannabinoid, are antioxidants. An antioxidant works to remove harmful or damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism – like our skin! Therefore, when applied topically these antioxidants work to protect the skin’s elastin and collagen from damaging free radicals (which could include the sun’s UV rays).

Cannabis topicals could also be of assistance if you forgot to reapply your SPF. Unlike when ingesting cannabis, where effects are felt throughout the body, an infused topical directly affects the area it is applied to. Usually, people seek out cannabis-infused topicals – especially those with high CBD potency – because anecdotal evidence suggests that it is helpful for reducing localized pain and inflammation. People have used it on sore muscles or joints to bring themselves back to their full capabilities, so you can try using it to help soothe sunburn as well. A CBD topical has the potential to reduce the redness and pain that usually comes with a sunburn, making it a bit more comfortable for you after the sun did its damage.

Remember to wear sunglasses, a hat and to reapply SPF often (don’t forget areas like your lips!). Now go forth and bask.

High Regards,

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