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Unwinding at the end of the workday is tricky at the best of times. From texts to Twitter and Slack to Snapchat, there’s any number of ways for work to creep back into your brain, where it’s certainly not always welcome. As a former nine-to-fiver who now works from home, I’ve always found it helpful to have a defined break between professional and personal hours, like a Berlin wall for my psyche. On Fridays, that usually involves a nap, because sometimes it takes being comatose for an hour or two to leave an extra special workweek behind.


However, Mondays can be a bit different and knowing you’re facing a busy week ahead, in order to dodge mid-week burnout, it’s important to find ways to maintain balance. One way to shift your thoughts at the end of the day is to add cannabis to your after-work ritual. With its relaxing properties, it can help take your mind off the day and allow you to better focus on your personal life. No matter your preferred method of unwinding, do make sure you prioritize some proper rest and relaxation. This kind of daily self-care can help you get through the week and maintain a lower stress level, so you can enjoy your time off even more.

For every personality type, here are some suggestions on how to work cannabis into your after-work routine.   

The Fitness Buff

Like House of Cards’ Claire Underwood or Sex and the City’s Charlotte York, the most frustrated among us know that going for a run is sometimes the only way to deal when things aren’t going your way, and that includes a trying day at work. This gruelling cardio has recently become the focus of cannabis users, with everyone from The New York Times to GQ having reported on incorporating weed into distance running (of course, we have too). It’s an unexpected pairing that could be worth trying out. Smoking a doob’ before your 5K may not make you faster, but it can support endurance and might just help you enjoy the experience even more (read our tips to learn how to incorporate it effectively).

The Chef

Cooking nourishes the soul and is a whole lot better for you than take-out (no judgment! My Uber Eats app is highly active). Experimenting with new recipes or enjoying your favourites can be a fun way to cleanse the palate after a long day. Cannabis-infused oil using a device like the Levo can lead to all sorts of culinary experimentation, or simply enhance your appetite ahead of time with a puff or two. Consider it an airy amuse bouche. 

The Social Butterfly

Once you hit a certain age, a couple of innocent glasses of pinot on a weeknight can basically destroy you. But who wants to give up after-work catch-ups (or venting sessions) with your pals? For the social butterfly, cannabis can offer a relaxed buzz without feelings of fuzziness (or worse) the next day, so you can have your fun and work it too.

The Homebody 

Sometimes there’s no greater joy at the end of the day than retreating to the comfort of your home, putting on your sweats and settling in for an evening of quiet. There is a lot of stimuli out in the world, and having a home that offers a sense of calm can make a big difference to your mood and overall wellbeing. To make your personal castle a true sanctuary, consider checking your devices at the door so you can focus on more rewarding activities like reading, catching up with your fam’ or spending time on whatever creative pursuits you’ve got going on. A gentle addition of cannabis, like some CBD oil, can make this relaxing space even more chill. Home is where the heart is.

The Zen Master

From Michelle Visage to Hugh Jackman, it seems like everyone and their dog has been extolling the virtues of meditation (side note: is that what my dog does when I’m out?). For those who already know, you likely already “get it,” but if you haven’t tried it, I’d recommend easing your way into mindfulness with a guided app like Headspace or IRL session at a meditation space. Many who practice like to float on first thing in the morning, but I’d highly recommend giving after work a try. I’ve found that it’s the perfect time of day to reset your outlook and is a worthy substitute for that tempting after-work couch snooze.

By Caitlyn Agnew 

Image by Saty + Pratha


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