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You can find the original version of this on PRØHBTD. Guest curated by VdP founder, April Pride.

Session: Merriam-Webster will tell you it's "a period of time that is used to do a particular activity." Urban Dictionary will tell you, a little more specifically, it's "a group of people smoking up." But we probably don't have to tell you that. A home-oriented session doesn't have to bring you back to the college dorm - choose a careful edit before you get all carefree with your crew. Designer April Pride, our guest curator, knows a thing or two about a good hang session. Her stylish line of cannabis-inspired accessories Van der Pop is made for upgrading your off-duty time. She's picked the best props so you'll be prepared when playing host and want a maximum high with minimal chaos.

1. Bloc Studios Romeo No. 2 Large Oval Tray: A proper tray is crucial. And when I saw this marble rectangle enclosing an oval with the perfect lip, I knew the designers had solved the problem that has plagued session enthusiasts. Well done, Bloc Studios!

2. Hermes Quadrige Ashtray: True, this is an investment, but it's the only ashtray you - and your kids and grandkids - will ever need.

3. Hive Modern Platner Nickel Coffee Table: Experience has taught me that where there’s cannabis consumption, there should be no sharp corners. A round coffee is practical. A round Platner coffee table is, practically speaking, a must!

4. Foldout Triangle Thai Cushion: Thai triangle pillows are the ultimate essential for a room with more people than seats. Trust me: Guests fight over sitting on the floor propped up on one of these. I keep three on hand.

5. A.P.C. Pantelleria Quilt: Confession: I never have the right, or enough, blankets when hosting a session. But these modern quilts are the right material (not itchy), the right weight (light enough to throw over your shoulders), and the right style (modern yet reminiscent).

6. APRIL PRIDE x Rachel Ravitch Python Oil Slick Bracelet: Okay, I’m biased when it comes to these python bangles. However, those who’ve rolled with heavy, hard watches and bracelets only to finally remove and leave them on a random coffee table appreciate the genius of soft, stationery armor.

7. Apple Music The A-List Electronic Soundtrack: Say what you will about soundtracks as a sign of mailing it in. Apple Music has countless and each introduces me to the new ‘new.’ An easy go-to for a mixed crowd is one of the monthly electronic selections.

8. en&is MegaPhone iPod Dock: A cornucopia-inspired speaker? I cannot think of a more appropriate addition to a session!

9. Old Jamaica Ginger Beer: Hands-down the best ginger beer I’ve ever had. Plus, the authentic style of the aluminum can is perfectly retro.

10. The Magickal Cat Runes: I have a friend who brings magic cards and sometimes stones to our in-home hang sessions. She introduced me to Runes, which guarantees high vibes.

11. Blackbird Sensor Incense Pyres: Nicole and Aaron of Seattle’s Blackbird have perfected the art of aroma that is brilliantly packaged. The incense pyres efficiently deliver a richly layered atmospheric mood.

12. Van der Pop Signature Pop Pack: I created the Pop Pack because we all need the ultimate session starter. Our signature letterpress card comes complete with rolling papers, a grinder card, and pack of matches. Add to this your favorite flower and you’ve supplied the essentials for a signature session.

13. Blink Tears Single Use Vials: I keep a few of these disposable vials in my Happy Sack stash bag and have been deemed a hero on many occasions!

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