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Shopping for pot just got a lot more fun. Thanks to adult-use legalization in several states, the options for where to find bud in places like Oregon and Colorado seem limitless. Here are five destinations that offer primo flower (and in certain cases, sweet deals) in engaging interiors.

Chalice Farms

Photo courtesy of  @_chalicefarms

Photo courtesy of @_chalicefarms

At Chalice Farms, you can literally knock on wood to ensure you always find a stellar selection of flower. Displays of cannabis are encased in custom designs reminiscent of the wild outdoors and abundance of trees that make Oregon so amazing. The brand prides itself on offering quality cannabis, and boasts a specific technique that separates them from others called “The Chalice Cure”, a specialized curing method that also brings out the most potent essential oils in the plant. They claim this method makes their cannabis more smooth and sweeter to the taste.

Electric Lettuce

Photo courtesy of  @electriclettuce_

Photo courtesy of @electriclettuce_

Electric Lettuce's trippy spots across Oregon help you reach a "higher frequency" by paying homage to the era of free love with a selection of psychedelic decor items and vintage magazines to peruse while you're shopping. There's also a special deal for early birds called the "Wake and Bake", which is offered to anyone who arrives at the shop between 9 and 10am. Accented in retro touches, their locations also keep classic vinyl spinning while you wait your turn for some far-out flower.

The Apothecarium

Photo courtesy of  @apothecariumsf

Photo courtesy of @apothecariumsf

This chain's shops have sleek interiors that would enhance any shopping experience, with modern glass cases staged for customer convenience and aesthetic pleasure. Walking into their locations, you're greeted by high ceilings and chandeliers. Their mission is to create a professional environment that encourages a proper education on cannabis; a visit to one of their spots in Las Vegas or San Fransisco includes a chat with a cannabis consultant, to help you through the selection process.


Photo courtesy of  @tanagramdesign  (Credit: Michael Brands)

Photo courtesy of @tanagramdesign (Credit: Michael Brands)

When you think of Aspen, bougie snow bunnies and super fun slopes most likely come to mind. But now the city is coming to be associated with haute cannabis, too. Silverpeak is a swish destination designed by Tanagram, a high-end design firm; their spaces evoke refinement but not stuffiness, and Silverpeak's store is no different. Sleek wooden silhouettes for fixtures and luxe ceiling windows are thoughtful touches, the latter allowing visitors to get the best view of a potential purchase.


Photo courtesy of @serracannabis

Photo courtesy of @serracannabis

Billing themselves as "The Modern Druggist”, Serra's aesthetic is super minimal, adhering to a contemporary white and pastel color palette (plus their IG-worthy neon signage). The Oregon-based brand's selection of bud hails from growers like the tech-forward Prūf Cultivar, and they offer an assortment of edibles and thoughtfully-crafted accessories, too.

Story by Jagger Blaec

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