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Meet the dads of Tokyo Smoke, which includes Lorne Gertner who along with co-founding the company with his son is recognized as a "founding father" of modern Canadian cannabis (read federally legal MED to patients currently and REC for all next summer!). For Father's Day, we pried into the stashes of a dad of four grown children (Lorne), a dad to a pair of pre-school kids (Joel) and a super new dad (Geoff). Mother isn't the only one who needs a little helper. 


What's in your kit?
This is what's in my nap sac today: three vapor, pens, pre rolls, my kit. I change it up weekly.

Why do you change it up so often?
Part of my consumer research.
What stash item do you always have on hand?
My Tokyo Smoke pre-rolls.



What is your favorite device to smoke from?
It is easily my PAX. I much prefer vaporizing to smoking, and the PAX does a really good job of that. I love how I can tweak the oven temperature within a degree as I tend to vape as very low temperatures and having fine control down there is really satisfying. To me, the PAX represents the first really serious effort to elevate how cannabis is enjoyed and normalize it. It is cliche to say at this point, but it really is the Apple of vapes. It rarely leaves my house, and often on a shelf out of reach of the kids because it looks so good and would be a shame to tuck away. It was also a parting gift from a past employer so it has a great deal of sentimental value to me.

What's the oldest item in your stash?
The oldest item in my stash is my Magic Flight launch box. I originally bought this to test out vaporizing as I hated the burn from smoking joints. While a bit unorthodox, it is a really stripped down design and how it operates, unlike the PAX, is obvious from just looking at it. I have a love hate relationship with the exposed AA battery to control the heater. It's particularly hard to use in a long session, and challenging to hand around to others and allow them to use easily. What I love about it is that it uses the battery construction itself to make the electrical connection. It also forces you to really pay attention to the process.  Leave the oven on for too long and you burn the product, too little and you don't vaporize it. It was a good teacher when I just started to get interested in vaporizing.


What part of your stash would you have a hard time parting with?
The diversity. While the items in my possession may come and go as they are replaced with new products we are designing and producing, I never want to lose the diversity. I enjoy having a kit with different vapes, different forms of cannabis from flower to pastilles, to chocolate and oil. It would be amazing to look at my stash in a year and then two years to see how much it has changed. Is combustion and vaporization still going to dominate how cannabis is consumed in two years? Or will my stash be in the fridge or pantry as a collection of cooking oils and chocolates?


What is your favorite device to smoke from and why?
PAX 2 - Love this device, I don't have to pack the oven every use, great for a lazy smoker. And it doesn't stink up the house! Oven temps work well, doesn't hit too hard and is sleek af.

What's the oldest item in your stash?
I stole this wood pipe from a guy in high school I didn't like much. I was just getting into smoking weed but hadn't yet mastered the art of rolling a joint. Saw this sitting on his desk at home one afternoon with some pals and I snatched it! Used it religiously for the first few months, and it still comes in handy for a nostalgic blaze.

What item in your stash would you have a hard time parting with?
I've always been a fan of one hitters. I thought the cigarette look-a-likes were super sleek back in university, the fact that I could 'get away' with blazing on a city street was appealing to me. I got the SilverStick at Tokyo Smoke Bellwoods in Toronto last year and the one hitter continues to impress me with its ease of use.  Plus the filters make this one a clean experience.


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