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Check. Check. 1-2-1-2. When you hear this, it's a clear signal that sh*t is about to go down. And when your stash comes out of hiding. So Van der Pop Presents Stash Check 1-2-1-2, a new series that takes a personal look at the green-friendly goods of our most trusted green-friendly friends.

To kick this off, we asked Dee Giznik of HERB to show us how she kicks it. Dee is a journalist living in Pennsylvania, a recent MED-legal state, and refers to herself as a college-educated cannabis enthusiast as well as a peace promoter. A friend of Vandy indeed. 

"I like to use hand-blown glass bowls for smoking flowers. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces are my favorite, and most of mine are customs from local blowers in Pennsylvania."

Dee recommends getting a bowl that's not too big, "otherwise near the end of a session hits won't taste very good at all."

She also emphasizes that clean glass is important. "Be sure to clear out resin on a regular basis." What do we recommend? The all-natural version of Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner. The original version is made with harsher chemicals and who wants that when you can opt for all-natural ingredients. If you have too much month at the end of your money and don't want to throw down for 420 cleaner, Isopropyl alcohol and salt will do the trick. Don't forget to rinse, rinse, rinse!

"I like brightly colored bowls, especially those highlighted with glass called 'slime.' It appears almost neon. The tiny creatures on the larger piece are made from slime."

Sometimes stashes meld together when you have someone to puff with. "My husband and I got matching his and hers pieces from our favorite local artisan."

"As for lighters, I always choose a unique BIC, so I don't have to worry about dreaded lighter thieves. Currently, I've been carrying around one featuring a dinosaur, riding a moped, in front of the moon."

As for weed grinders? "I prefer a Space Case. The lid stays on very securely, unlike some inferior grinders, so I never have to worry about spills. Plus, it collects kief like a champ!"

"I use the Van der Pop 'TRIP' stash jar for everyday use and travel, and a good old Mason jar for home storage. The air tight seal on both gives me the confidence to know unwanted smells aren't leaking out at inappropriate times."

Stay lifted, friends. And please contact us if you (or someone you know) care to share your stash with Vandy and friends. 

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