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Bringing things back to Seattle. Meet professional collaborator and local HBIC, Grace Kelly. Yes, that is her real name. 

             HBIC noun (informal)
             /eč bi ay si/ Head Bitch In Charge

From running her own PR consulting business to conquering the "Green Space" with Bondi Farms, Grace has to be ready to go at all hours of the day. And her stash is always ready to give her a spark of creativity or that perfect way to unwind. Check out the pieces that make her stash work like she does. 

"Guess you can say at looking at my pics & my pieces... I'm sort of old school. Everyone's got their thing, and I love hearing about different stash sets especially through this [series]."

"It's almost 6 pm and I made it through a day of meetings and a little traffic. Coming home sometimes doesn't mean I get to unplug quite yet. It's actually my preferred place to get the day's work done. There's a comfort to being in my own space. I can wear whatever I want, I can play my music loud, enjoy some snacks, etc. It's really the best place to be. :) For a boost, and a little more enlightenment I have a little pipe on my desk and love smoking our [Bondi Farms'] Super Silver Lemon Haze. It's a good day strain and ours has such a good lemon flavor. A few baby hits of this one and I'm pretty good, and feelin' really productive, a little more in creative mode."

"I typically smoke in the evenings, so indicas are my go-to. And after a long day its nice to just grab one of my pre-rolls (notice theme here is 'less is more') that are stashed in a kitchen drawer or grab some nugs from my Vandy 'Forget' jar (perfect right?) and roll a nice little joint in some hemp or Raw papers. A bath, some music, maybe wine and my weed and I'm good to go." 

Loving Grace's 'puff puff pass' ashtray? You can find it at Urban Outfitters, since Young Alexander's edition is sold out

"I have a shelf in my room I will often rotate different books or art on and where I, as of late, have been displaying my 'R&R' Van der Pop jars. They fit in just about anywhere because of their sleek, simple design. These really have come in handy especially with the variety of indica flower I have, I can now stash the buds in what's most appropriate based on the feel the weed gives me. Over the years topicals have become my fave. I love CBD infused moisturizers to help with my slight eczema or achy muscles from life stress or working out. I love it when a friend is over and looks at what's new on the shelf and notices the cute jars and I tell them there's some good weed in them. Or when they notice the creams and I get a chance to share the wonders of topicals."

"I get asked all the time what is my favorite way to smoke. Guess you can say I keep to the classics because it's just simple. I have such a hectic work schedule that whenever I get that moment to myself finally I just like to light it up, and not worry about putting it all away. A joint or my little pipe works great for me." Here at Van der Pop, we love rolling pinner joints filled with flower from Bondi Farms (throwback to Capitol Hill Block Party). 

And Bondi Farms is all about getting away from the daily challenges and stresses that come with life. Something that Grace can speak to, especially since her goal is to retire somewhere where she can wear bikinis everyday. Sounds like the perfect place to RELAX. Count us in. After all, puff puff pass works better with more people. 😉

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