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Ever peeked into the stash of a dispensary owner? Much like Mary Poppins' magic bag, it's full of magic and wonder. Heidi, owner of Moss Crossing in Oregon, takes us through her stash and how it has evolved over the years. It's no wonder Moss Crossing is considered the friendliest joint in town. You can never have too much of something good. 

"As a dispensary owner, I have an insane stash. I’m embarrassed to say that I only recently managed to get the whole thing contained. Everything in the little cabinet used to line my kitchen counter. Thank goodness for Ikea. I find it hilarious that my bar cart has only margarita ingredients and weed. Priorities.

I actually used to have a bar cart full of alcohol and I used to drink a lot more before I started smoking. I think this is one of the benefits of Cannabis that doesn’t get enough attention. I’m not the only one I know that has been able to transition to a healthier lifestyle with the assistance of Cannabis. I’d rather smoke a bowl than drink beer every night. I know it doesn’t necessarily work this way for everyone, but I’m happy to have an alternative to alcohol when I’m at a party or I’m unwinding at the end of the day.

Because it would take at least 10 photos to lay out the multitude of flower samples in little plastic baggies and the half-eaten edibles I’ve tried to see if we should stock them, I pared it down to the things I consistently use and keep on hand."


"All those samples I mentioned have to be smoked. In order to get a clean and flavorful hit, I keep a clean one-hitter around at all times. This little pink fumed cutie lands in a jar of alcohol after each use and is then rinsed, so I know it will be clean and ready for the next sample. There’s really no way to get a true reading of terpene profiles without having a clean pipe. I also am quite fond of using hempwick to keep butane out of the equation. We’re lucky to have Hemp Press right down the street from the shop, so we get a lot of our branded stuff made locally and out of hemp, including the hempwick we carry.

For on-the-go consumption, I’ll usually just grab a pre-roll. Phantom Farms has a few strains that I just adore. City of God is a powerful one, so it’s a good joint for sharing. If I smoke just a little bit, it’s perfectly relaxing but allows me to stay chatty, and if I smoke more, it can be a great sleep aid. Their Goji OG is my current go-to sativa, the high is euphoric and clear-headed and I have some of my best ideas and joyous laughing fits with this strain. If it isn’t a pre-roll, it’s a bowl packed into my Pax 3 (when they released the rose gold edition, I just HAD to get one), and take that with me on a hike or walk. I used to roll my own joints, but now I have such easy and regular access to pre-rolls that I may have forgotten how! Just writing that makes me want to start up again because rolling the perfect joint is such a great social skill."

"I’m a secret ceramicist; it’s one of the few things I have in my life that can get my mind completely out of work and into the moment. I make these tiny little palm-sized porcelain ashtrays that are perfect for joints because they can be passed around too. I also love that they are so easy to clean out, and I hate the smell of old ashes.

My de-bowler is a little gold finishing nail that I stick to a magnet on the fridge. I had an ex-boyfriend that did that and I just thought it was the most brilliant thing. I’ve done the same for years now.

I’m also obsessed with these new wooden stickers we had made and I have one on just about anything that makes sense; iPhone, water bottle, notebook, grinder. I actually spent almost twice as much on this particular Santa Cruz Shredder because it’s one of the Made in the USA models. I doubt it functions any differently than the others, but I get to feel good about supporting American manufacturing. I rock the 4 part grinders because my boyfriend Ryan adds the kief to his bowls."

"Herein lies my greatest shame. I know it’s terrible to store my weed in plastic, but I just have so much flower! And so many different strains! Whenever I actually purchase anything over an 1/8th, it goes into little airtight glass containers, but even these aren’t perfect because I have to store them in the back of my cabinet to keep them out of the light. So the strains I smoke the most are hidden in the back. I lean really heavily towards Sativas. In fact, throughout my 20’s I thought I didn’t like Cannabis because I was always being offered high THC Indicas, which knock me right out. Unless I’m going to bed, getting crazy sleepy isn’t much fun for me. GT Dragon is my only Indica-dominant favorite right now. The body high is amazing, and I don’t get fuzzy-headed at all. One of these days I’ll add some Van der Pop stash jars to the mix and all of my random samples can go into jars together and be labeled with their proper effect."

"This pro tip may save marriages. Ladies, I cannot recommend sensual oil enough. I’ve never had as much fun in the bedroom as when I consume an edible (1:1 THC:CBD, like the Mint Hibiscus bar from Leif Goods is my personal favorite for this purpose), and apply Empower’s 4 Play to bring on sexy time. Trust me, it’s amazing.

4 Play has another use that is a complete life saver. I suffer from terrible cramps and a spray or two of this oil on a tampon will alleviate the pain faster and more efficiently than any pain-reliever I’ve ever tried. Again, I like to come at this from all sides and have a Choco Lust CBD chocolate during daytime hours, or a Willamette Valley Alchemy gummy if my work is done. The gummies are strain-specific, which I appreciate in an edible, and they are flavored with real fruit. The woman who makes these is magic. I’ll also throw a topical on my lower abdomen. I make my own and almost always have some on hand. Eventually I hope that Moss will be able to expand into production and we’ll be able to get this recipe on the shelves."

"Similar to my first experiences with flower, my first dab had me thinking I didn’t like dabbing. Au contraire, I just needed to find the right strains. My absolute favorite right now is Durban Poison dabbables from Select Strains. I appreciate the little glass cartridge because it makes measuring out the right size dab so easy, and I love the lively high that Durban provides. With concentrates it’s so much more intense than the high from flower of the same strain. It really envelops my entire body. I also love Cinex from Willamette Valley Alchemy, their product is always reliably clean & terpy. If they came out with Durban, it might be all I would ever dab with."

"I have Ryan to thank for our house rig. He brought it home one day because it didn’t turn out perfect enough for him to want to sell it. What’s funny to me is that red is my least favorite color, but I love everything else about it so I’ve been hinting to him that I want a black and pink one for months. I have a birthday coming up, so I have my fingers crossed. All of the glass I own is locally made, and Eugene has no shortage of talented glass artists. My dabber is made by James Brown. Ryan might still think it belongs to him, but I beg to differ. I picked up my torch based entirely off it’s color. Such a sucker for anything rose gold. Oh, and I have a Puffco+ that lets me smoke concentrates while adventuring. We sell so many of these in the shop, because they are awesome. The coil-less chamber is the best."

"Of course I always have a Moss lighter on me (or three). My favorite lighter was MIA during this shoot, as lighters are prone to be, but I have a photo of it from when I got it from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. It’s a yellow lighter with a line art taco on it. Ryan bought it for me and we laughed heartily at paying $6 for a Bic lighter, but I loved it then and I love it now. Whoever has my lighter, I’d love to get it back, haha."

My favorite things to do after a session are strain-specific.

Goji OG: Watch a comedy with friends. Sausage Party killed me after smoking this.

Cascade Lemonade: Go for a hike through the forest. We have Spencer’s Butte walking distance from my front door, so I can easily get to a spot with a view any day of the week.

City of God: Hammock time, with SNACKS

What strains are in your stash? How do you keep them organized? Share it with us here

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