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Cannabis isn't all about hitting a bong and sitting in a haze of smoke. In fact, cannabis can benefit your body, your health and overall well-being whether you smoke it, vape it, rub it or ingest it. We checked in with Jen Lampe from DeepCell, the brilliant minds behind Ruby Cannabis Sugar, to see how she uses cannabis to unwind smoke-free. 

"I keep my stash at home on my tiny apartment’s fireplace mantle in my mom’s old recipe card box and in a darling little ceramic box I bought in Italy almost 15 years ago. The recipe box typically houses my selection of edibles…which are a favorite after-dinner treat to wind down."

Edibles are a prime solution for those interested in using cannabis without puffing a joint. It is important to note that edibles affect each individual differently & dosing is important for first time users (see below).

"The Goodship and Proper chocolates are great with a cup of coffee or tea and I love to sprinkle Ruby cannabis sugar on fresh fruit for a light, fresh treat. They are all actually delicious (rare when it comes to edibles) and a perfect low-calorie dessert."


5 mg        Introductory User ·

10 mg     One serving of Ruby ·
(WA State Recreational Limit)  

20 mg+         Experienced User ·

"My introduction to cannabis edibles was actually Ruby Cannabis Sugar. I love to add it to my coffee for a relaxing weekend morning (or hangover recovery) and it's incredibly easy to add to a beverage at a party for a low-cal alternative to alcohol. When I have the time though, I love to let my inner foodie out to cook and bake with it…and then enjoy a relaxing, low-stress evening."

Ruby is unique because the cannabis sugar is water-soluble, allowing you to mix it into your coffee or your smoothie without adding a funky cannabis taste.

Looking to mellow things out? Get your CBD on.

"I’m all about CBD after a challenging recovery from eye surgery earlier in the year. Not into narcotics, I took CBD (with a little THC added in for the entourage effect) which provided immense relief from the pain, inflammation, and anxiety I was experiencing following the surgery. The pain is gone now, my eyes are still healing and I take a 10:1 capsule in the mornings with my coffee. By the time I get to work, I’m alert and focused and my body is processing the cannabinoids like any other vitamin supplement.
Added bonus! The CBD curbs my appetite which helps me keep my food choices in check through the day."

Stay happy, stay healthy!

"I’ve never been a smoker (mostly for health reasons but really my social groups have always just been more into alcohol for recreational enjoyment), however between training for half marathons and continuing to support the recovery of my eye after surgery, I began to realize I could use some further assistance in soothing my sore muscles and getting my eye back to 100%. Also, I wasn’t getting the full benefit of the cannabinoids by ingesting them...but I didn’t want to ruin my lungs by smoking it. After a LOT of research, I finally felt comfortable enough to purchase a vape pen. No smoke, low heat, and some great options for pesticide-free vape cartridges – especially with high CBD content."

Vaping is a safer solution for cannabis flower and cannabis oil consumption than smoking is, but only if your greens are pesticide-free. Keep your lungs safe and do your research!

"After a session, I love to walk over to my favorite nail salon and get a mani-pedi and a neck and shoulder massage. So relaxing."  What is your favorite post-session activity? Share it with us. 

Have a unique stash? We want to see it!

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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