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Check. Check. 1-2-1-2. Jenn Lauder, Co-founder of Splimm, the world's first newsletter dedicated to pot and parenting. Dedicated to creating a community for families whose lives have been enhanced by cannabis, Jenn doubled down on her dedication by moving from Maryland to REC-friendly Oregon. Her stash has certainly evolved. As has her expertise on edibles, thoughts on flower vs. concentrates, and tips for cannabis-consuming parents.

"My stash – and my entire relationship with cannabis, really – has evolved substantially since my family moved to Oregon almost a year ago. When we called a prohibition state home, we were extremely careful to keep our supplies contained to one secret, secure space. Everything lived at the back of our closet in our bedroom, out of reach and out of sight from our daughter – and any other unwelcome hands or eyes. 'Everything' included a pretty solid glass collection + whatever decent flower we could get our hands on.

Now that we’re in a legal state, my stash contains cannabis in a variety of forms and a few favorite accoutrements, all integrated much more naturally into my lifestyle. Instead of storing everything in my closet, I might have edibles in the kitchen or topicals in the bathroom. Safety and security are still priorities, of course, but now we educate our daughter about cannabis instead of hiding it from her. All of our products are still out of her reach and/or under lock and key – we like the secure storage systems by Stashlogix, Cannador, and SneakGuard – but it’s no longer covert. She knows they’re there, and she knows they’re not for her."

The first real glass piece Chad and bought together back in 1999, this pipe has survived close to a dozen moves. 

The first real glass piece Chad and bought together back in 1999, this pipe has survived close to a dozen moves. 

Edible Joy

"A lot of our cannabis consumption happens in the kitchen these days. I’m a big fan of oral delivery methods, including tinctures, teas, and edibles. Tinctures, like these strain-specific products from Cascadia Herbals, are super discreet and easy to self-titrate. My friend Jessica makes these exquisite cannabis teas, which come in at around 5 mg, making them perfect for microdosing.

Then there’s the Magical Butter machine. If you benefit from edibles, this appliance will become your best friend. You can infuse entire meals with cannabutter, make a jar of infused coconut oil, or create your own full extract cannabis oil. I love starting the day with infused bulletproof coffee. The perfect combination of caffeine + cannabis!"

LEVO Oil is Van der Pop's choice for making edibles at home.
This stunning countertop appliance will be introduced to our collection in early June!

A Tip-Toe Through Topicals  

"I discovered the amazing benefits of topicals the first time I traveled to Denver and got a migraine headache from the altitude change. Since then, they’ve become a staple in our bathroom medicine cabinet. We keep both cannabis- and hemp oil-based topicals on hand – salves, lotions, pain sticks, soaps, bath soaks (thanks, Empower!) – and use them for bumps and bruises and daily skin care."

This Mother's Day (May 14) Van der Pop is launching CLEAN, our first line of bath and beauty products
(incl. cream and serum for face + body cream) formulated with hempseed oil. Also launching is our FORGET line of pain management topicals, vaporizers and gel caps.

Flower vs. Concentrates

"These days I prefer cannabis concentrates. I find they produce a clearer high, are easier to titrate, and produce more nuanced effects. I gravitate to Lemon-y strains (Lemon Kush, Lemon Skunk) and love their brightness. I typically use a vaporizer pen with either BHO or a CO2 cartridge, and I’m constantly experimenting to find the perfect one.

I like to smoke flower at night. It just doesn’t fit into my daytime routine, and I tend to feel some mental fogginess when I smoke, no matter the strain, so I generally avoid it until I’m done being productive. But I look forward to the after-dark session because I adore the ritual of it: examining the flower’s beauty, feeling its stickiness between my fingers, appreciating its aroma. And in Oregon there are just so many ridiculous strains to fall in love with…"

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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