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Jenny was meant to move into the cannabis space from Day 1. And that's exactly what she did. Flying from city to city, you can find her spreading the good word of the green. Sometimes on NPR. Yes, that NPR. We caught up with her between her travels and took a peek at her home-base stash in Portland, Oregon.

"If I don’t finish a joint session, I like to trim the end to get the burnt parts off. This is for 2 reasons: 1) smell and 2) aesthetics. It doesn’t really change the flavor of the joint, but makes it feel a bit cleaner."

"This bong is disgusting. I rarely take bong hits, so this is the property of my husband. Read: the dirty bong isn’t my responsibility. I take a bong hit maybe once every other month." 


"This little cupboard came from a local store and I carried it 6 blocks home. It was a workout, and totally worth it. I like having variety, and two of my favorite strains I like to have on hand are Sour Diesel and OG Kush. I keep the Volcano on this stand and all of my personal flower inside of the stand. I also have a second stash that is for work."

"When it comes to joints, I keep it really simple. I use Element rice paper cones, and usually trim them down to something a little smaller than the 1 gram sized cone, and I prefer pushing the tip in versus twisting. I use whatever I can find to light it. There’s usually always a lighter and book of matches stashed in multiple places in my home, purses and work bags."


"I bought this ashtray on and love it so much. If I’m smoking a joint around my home, I’ll bring a shotglass with me as my temporary ashtray."

"My best friend Laura gave me this grinder for Christmas a few years back. It was a huge upgrade from the plastic grinder I had been using an now I have a LOT of kief saved up." 

"This is my main way of getting high. My husband brought Bilbo Bag Hits (the Volcano’s name) into our marriage and I didn’t learn how to use it until a few years ago (I think I subconsciously knew I would use it all the time if I knew how to operate it.) I love how I can taste the flavor, it is gentle on the lungs and packs a potent high."


"After I grind and vaporize the weed, I put the used flower in this blue jar. Technically you can regrind and re-vaporize it up to 3x, but instead, I hang on to this flower for lighter-THC joints, making edibles and for what we call 'doomsday drugs.' If we ever had to 'run for the hills’ we have a hellvua stash of weed."

"Depending on the time of day, I often work after a session, take the dogs for a walk, go work out, go out to dinner or make a meal, engage in a conversation with my session buddy."

We like to play Jenny's iOS game Yix when we are post-SESSION. Full of fun and giggles. Especially after a couple Fortune pre-rolls shared with friends.

Show us your stash! We want to see all the different ways people love to consume. 

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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