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 Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog  @risingsunphotog

Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog @risingsunphotog

Vandy is dandy at the thought of getting an exclusive peek into the stash of America's first cannabis style writer, Katie Shapiro. From The Cannabist to her own documentary featuring the story of The Cannabist's Ricardo Baca's contribution to pot journalism, Katie has made her mark on this industry. Check out her mountaintop paradise. Perfect for finding clouds. 

"I live high up in the mountains at 8,121 feet in an old cabin with my man Craig, our Goldendoodle Gittel and new kitten Althea (who we just brought home from the Aspen Animal Shelter last week!). Like most of what’s inside our home, these are Thrift Shop of Aspen finds, which we hit almost daily...the things people drop off here…UNREAL!"

"Writing about what I do, I am lucky to get to try a lot of the latest cannabis products out there. Since I started covering style and culture in 2014 when The Cannabist first launched, it has honestly been amazing to see this real evolution of the smoking experience as a lifestyle. I get asked a lot for recommendations on the best strains, pipes, edibles, topicals, etc., so I was stoked when [Van der Pop] asked me to share my stash.

Here’s what’s in my daily rotation these days:

Pesticides are a major industry issue, so I always try and smoke homegrown by friends or buy organic. The Original Leaf is the go-to in Aspen, hand cultivated by the legendary Cloud Shadowshot, who started growing cannabis at age 5 … seriously. I’ve been getting one of his signature strains lately—Amafu—a sativa with an uplifting high he created specifically to be enjoyed while adventuring in the great outdoors. I always store all of my flower in good old fashioned mason jars." 
Vandy agrees. Do your research and get the DL on the growers you're buying from.
Ask your local budtender and make sure they know their stuff!

"Green Flower recently introduced this moleskin-like Strain Tracker journal, which is one of those things I didn’t know I needed. There are SO many strains now and this is the best way to keep everything you try organized by how it makes you feel. I also get a lot of ideas when I’m high, so I like having this out at all times to write down randomness in the notes section in the back.

 All photos by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog  @risingsunphotog

All photos by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog @risingsunphotog

I’ve tested a lot of vapes and there are still few better than the original Magic Flight Launch Box. I’m not a fan of big, metal grinders (the noise is like nails on a chalkboard for me), so I’ve used Magic Flight’s mini wood one for years too. I also just got the new Puffco Pro 2 and am obsessed. We use it solely for wax and mostly at night at home, but the sleek design and case makes it great to take anywhere. 

I would buy everything from Tetra’s online shop if I could. The Balance Pipe is their first exclusive self-branded pipe and it’s perfection.

Baron Von Fancy makes a Bic so much better (I still have yet to lose one). For nights out, though, I take my Queue Stick Lighter by Tsubota Pearl. Shine Papers are always a solid party trick for whenever we have people over for dinner or slumber parties at the cabin.

Shout out to the Van der Pop Joint Card—a cute AF gift set with unbleached hemp rolling papers, matches, and grinder card (not pictured). The quote on the matchbox is so good!

Cedar & Finch’s (Seattle-based!) is known for stash boxes, but I love their new hand stitched, zippered leather carry pouch for putting all my goods in when I’m on the go."

 Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog  @risingsunphotog

Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog @risingsunphotog

"This Timberado peace pipe is by far my favorite and most special piece. The owner is a longtime local who handcrafts each one using rare, exotic woods and gemstones—all customizable.
They’re available online and he even has a stand at the Aspen Farmer’s Market in the summer.
I like using HempWick when smoking out of it for a full au natural vibe."

 Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog  @risingsunphotog

Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog @risingsunphotog

"Althea with her Colorado Kitty Pot
(aka organic catnip)." 

"Gittel rocks the pot leaf motif from Shed Brooklyn, whose collars are all handmade from 100% natural fair-trade hemp and are non-toxic/vegan."

 Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog  @risingsunphotog

Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog @risingsunphotog

People have true personal connections to the pieces collected for their stash. Sharing these pieces with friends during a joint session is like offering your fine China or crystal when sharing a special meal.
The right accessory completes the look, right? It also makes a moment to remember.
Which can be difficult when you're sharing a smoke! 

"This ashtray is everything to me. I grew up in Akron, Ohio, which is also where famed aluminum artist Don Drumm has had his studio since 1960. It brings back my earliest memories of cannabis because my mom and a lot of her friends had the exact same one in their homes (with an abundance of other Drumm pieces). A few summers ago, I went downtown to the gallery to buy one of my own and I get this happy, full circle feeling just by looking at it. Most nights, I like to keep it simple and smoke a joint in a Raw Organic Cone. The matches are from Steakhouse 316—one of my favorite restaurants in town and where we had our first date."

 Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog  @risingsunphotog

Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog @risingsunphotog

Ever heard of a cannabis-centric beauty + wellness routine? 

"I’ve transitioned my entire beauty and supplement regimen to cannabis-infused, hemp, and organic products … I feel great and my skin glows (so I’ve been told)." 

Left to right: Revive Mid Day Detox Bibong Capsules, Mary Jane’s Topical Tincture, Hempz Triple Moisture, Hippie Shit, Osmia Organics Dirty Chai Soap, Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap,
Apothecanna Calming Body Oil, Cannabis Beauty Defined (cleanser, exfoliant, toner, serum, moisturizer), Mary Jane’s Salve, Dixie Elixirs Synergy Relief Balm.

 Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog  @risingsunphotog

Photo by Craig Turpin, Rising Sun Photog @risingsunphotog

Upgrade the bathroom session. Brilliant! (So brilliant that Van der Pop is launching CLEAN, its hempseed-based lotions and potions for the face and body. Stay tuned.)

Enjoy your Sunday Papers after reading Katie's features on The Cannabist and Aspen Sojourner.

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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