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"Every morning the light comes out of the dark and so does my stash. Check 1-2-1-2."

Katy Villa of Native Seed Creations and the Smokable Herbs Workshop has been a great resource for health + wellness + cannabis. 

Here is a look at her smoking rituals + medicine cabinet + pro tips:

"Hand-rolling an indica dominant joint is my first preference for medicating and how I always start my day. In my joint rolling stash you will find multiple flower strain options, all sustainable and sun grown in Northern California, kief, natural Raw rolling papers, natural crutches, organic hemp wick, bic lighter, grinder, and sage/palo santo to smudge before, during, and after. After I roll my joint, I enjoy it outside near beautiful native California plants."

Current strain: Northern California Sierra sun & moon grown Blackberry OG (Afghani x Blackberry) from our partner farm. With terpenes high in linalool, pinene, and limonene, this strain is good for pain + stress and provides relaxing, euphoric, and happy effects with notes of earthy sweet berries.

Pro Tip: If you want a cone style joint (my personal favorite), load the ground cannabis with more on the left and less near the crutch. Start rolling from the crutch end first as you tuck the paper for a tight cone roll. If you do not have pre-made crutches, use any card stock and tear off a small rectangle. I like to roll my crutches similar to a cone to take on the shape easier. You can also get Raw rolling tips which are pictured above. Remember, this takes practice, and practice makes perfect! 


Evening Sessions. "Did you know there are herbs other than cannabis that are smokable? After learning more about beneficial plant medicines, I have added them to my everyday night time smoking sessions. In my current blend I have mullien, damiana, lions tail, skullcap, rose, and sage. I combined this blend with Bon Viant Chocolate Hashberry Mendocino sun grown flowers. The taste and effects of this herb blend is mind opening, earth grounding, and relaxing. I like to use this blend in the evenings when I am winding down, but still have some work to do. When smoking my herb mix I use a very special deer horn peace pipe hand-crafted in my hometown in west Texas."

Current strain: Bon Viant Mendocino sun & moon grown Chocolate Hashberry from our friends at Emerald Pharms Dispensary in Hopland, California. High in myrcene, Chocolate Hashberry has many therapeutic uses, as myrcene synergizes the antibiotic potential of other terpenes and allows for more absorption of cannabinoids by the brain.

Pro Tip: Grind the herbs together for an on the go blend. The herbs can be rolled in natural papers or smoked out of a chillum, pipe, or water pipe.

Nighttime Rituals: "Every night I enable meditation or sleepy time through smoking hash. My preferred hash to smoke is Rosin. It is a solvent-less method of extracting cannabis flowers using only pressure and heat. The effects are clean, full of terpenes, and other medicinal compounds, plus it is very high in THC. You can mix Rosin with flowers in a joint or pipe, but I typically use a water pipe, quartz banger and quartz carb cap."

Current Strain: Native Seed Solventless Rosin- Gorilla Glue #4. Though this strain comes from a sativa dominant lineage- it has lovely hybrid effects. It is 74% THC and high in myrcene, caryophyllene, linalool, and pinene.

Pro Tip: Ask your bud tender or caregiver how your cannabis was extracted and if it was lab tested. Cannabis can be extracted many ways and can sometimes include harsh solvents that are not purged of the chemicals correctly.

Cannabis Medicine Cabinet: "Natural beauty care is one of the most important practices in my life. Our mammal bodies work in synchronicity with nature to create homeostasis and allow our cells to regenerate with earth given plants. All of the items in my medicine cabinet are made by women in Northern California who love and appreciate the cannabis plant and it truly shows in the medicine they make."

In my medicine cabinet you will find:

1. Homemade + homegrown CBD 20:1 Sour Tsunami multi-herb salve made from a dear friend in Mendocino, California. She is a homeopathic herbalist that practices biodynamic gardening and grows high CBD cannabis strains plus all of the herbs that go into her salve. This salve will take a spider bite away in a day and diminish pain immediately.

2. Whoopi & Maya Amber Moon Rub. This is my #1 favorite for instant pain relief or even perfume because the amber scent is absolutely delightful.

3. OmEdibles body oil to which I apply to all things skin related- from scars to unwanted skin conditions.

4. OmEdibles Athletic Formula Bath Salts for any day of the week.

5. Whoopi & Maya Amber Moon bath soak for your monthly moontime. 

"From preparation to the last inhalation, I remind myself to appreciate the plant and what it is offering my mind, body, and spirit. All of the work from dedicated people that has been done from seed to final product. These moments are when I have my greatest ideas and after the first inhalation I realize these are the moments I am most receptive and when I become most aware of what I am receiving. I was once told that the cannabis plant enables our reception to energy more than any other plant- this is information I always carry with me throughout my adventures."

We love the way Katy brings her use of cannabis back to nature and the innate, medicinal qualities of the plant itself. Be sure to check out her Smokable Herbs Workshop with Mama Bruha. If you love working out, Native Seed bars are the greatest pre-workout or post-workout treat that you don't have to feel guilty about.

Want to show us how you session? Share your stash with us here.

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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