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The Canna Curious Club team has no shortage of powerhouse women. Last time, we checked in with Canna Curious Club's founder, Marina, while she was taking a TRIP in France. You can take a peek at her stash here.

For our third Stash Check, we asked one of our favorite CCC contributors, Kristen Williams, to share what's inside her stash. Kristen is a talented designer using her skills to show the world how cannabis can enhance a healthy and balanced life

"While my stashbox is extensive (love my cannabis gadgets), I tend to obsess over and baby just a few pieces at a time. This is a collection of my current favorite items!"

"I’m all about aesthetic consistency when it comes to displaying my cannabis gadgets. I’m a big fan of gold (obviously) and white. I found this little marble container at Hobby Lobby on an epic sale and refinished the lid to fit my taste. It’s the perfect catchall for the many little odds and ends I collect - and no one would ever suspect it holds cannabis as it sits on my shelf!"

"I have asthma, so smoking bud can really irritate my lungs depending on the day. I much prefer dabbing because there is less excess plant material inhaled when using concentrates. One of my favorite dab accessories is my Gladiator Dab Vac; it’s compact for discreet or on-the-go usage, and it takes a fraction of the time to heat the nail, meaning less butane and noise than a traditional rig.

I always use this tray to set up a dab station when having guests. It’s incredibly sturdy and heat-resistant, which is perfect for dabs. I’ll keep all the items (rig, torch, concentrate) on here so that it doesn’t get mixed up in whatever else we’re doing (crafting, eating, etc.). Plus, it makes finding those little shatter speckles easier to spot and clean up as they attempt to escape me."


"This Sherlock pipe was nicknamed “the never-ending bowl” back in my college days, with one of the deepest bowls you’ve ever seen. Although I rarely use it anymore, it was my first “real” pipe and is still one of my favorite pieces to date.

You know how you always lose a chapstick before finishing it? Well I have actually (magically) finished a few of the Smith’s Strawberry Lip Balms, and I hoard their empty tins as trophies of my accomplishment. They’re perfect for discreetly storing screens, THC pills, or a little bit of ground cannabis to take on the go.

The blue matches are a recent addition to my collection, gifted to me by one of my best friends just this past month. Gifted items are my favorite - when I turn to cannabis on a bad day, seeing all the things I’ve been gifted is an added bonus that brightens my mood. Life’s not so bad if you have ridiculously amazing friends who give you badass cannabis gear, right?

I’m not a joint person, but I always make sure to have papers on hand for when I have guests in case that’s their vibe. These Working Girls papers were included in an Instagram contest by Grey Horseback that I won earlier this year, and they are by far the most aesthetically-pleasing papers I have owned to date."

"When it comes to using concentrates on the go, I have been obsessing over these pre-loaded vape cartridges (which I then hacked to re-load). The best thing about these are that no one ever questions what you’re vaping - it looks exactly like an e-cig and has only a faint cannabis aroma. Another favorite is my Evoxe Balance pen (pictured in the large layout image). I keep these in my purse loaded with CBD in case anxiety strikes; they are most frequently pulled out during moments of road rage." 


"Possibly one of the oldest items in my stash, this is another one of those items with sentimental value. Gifted by my first-ever roommate in college, I’ve kept cannabis pieces in it for years. Now it holds my decarboxylated cannabis from vaping - I’m working on stashing enough to make some infused oils!"



"When it comes to cannabis, I’m all about using it in the way that is best for your needs in that moment. One of my favorite cannabis products are the Stratos THC pills, and I make sure to always keep some on hand. They are perfectly dosed every time, provide consistent effects, and are the perfect strength for me personally to maintain functionality but alleviate anxiety. 

Another one of my favorite new discoveries is Mary’s Medicinal’s transdermal gel pen. This is another great thing to keep in my purse in case I become over-anxious about something (like the one time I didn’t play so nice with the curb and messed up my bumper before a professional meeting). It’s incredibly small doses, so I know that I won’t be put out as I try to go about my day. 

And, of course, Foria. How could you be in the cannabis industry and at least not try this out? I wasn’t disappointed."

"My absolute favorite thing to do after medicating is move. All my friends say they know when I’m “there” because I’ll just start randomly dancing. When I’m alone, I’ll crank the music and jump around like a crazy person, mixing interpretative dance, yoga moves, aerobics, stretching, spinning, and lots more weird things to just move and stretch out my body."

Love all of Kristen's shots? Check out more of her work on her site and on Instagram

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