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Meet Laurel, Vela Cannabis' Creative Director.
Laurel uses cannabis as creative fuel for her work and her hobbies. Now meet her stash.
A stash that includes dry flower and oil - to vaporize, roll, smoke or eat. The latter requires a bit of time in the kitchen. Or, as Laurel is wise to, a simple purchase from The Goodship!

"Suncliff makes some delicious strain-specific oils. I especially enjoy their Lamb's Breath for those days where I need to take on the world. The new glass and metal cartridges are perfect."

"Puffing on a Sherlock style pipe always makes me feel like a groovy wizard.
I dig this particular piece for its party sized bowl, it’s large enough to create a masterpiece of kief and concentrates on top.

As for grinders, I use a Sharp Stone! I dig the unicorn vibe, with its sweet purplish hue.
It has stellar kief catching abilities & a very consistent grind. I keep my little scissors in my stash for when I need to open a package or trim off a piece of bud."

StashCheck6 copy.jpg

"While I love a natural unbleached paper, I can’t help but nerd out over how cute Juicy Jay’s are! They’re lightly flavored and have adorable patterns on them." 

What is your favorite flavor of Juicy Jay rolling papers? Vandy has only tried blueberry so far. 

"If I’m smoking a joint I try to use my pack of matches from Vela Cannabis. I prefer tiny Bics for most other fire related needs. They’re just cute, I guess! I’m always trying new things, so I rarely use a stash jar. I tend to buy flower in grams to keep my stash fresh and interesting. This week I’m smoking on Durban Poison from Raven Grass, Oregon Silver Haze from Leaph, and Nine Pound Strawberry from Clandestine."

Luckily, Laurel has access to an endless train of strains.

"I’m a huge fan of ceramics!
This little beauty I found at a thrift store."

"The Pax 2 is an essential tasting tool I use working for Vela Cannabis. I vaporize the flower at various temperatures so I can suggest specific terpene profiles to our customers.
Since we can’t smell through the bags here in Washington, we memorize the best we can!"

Learn more about terpenes + cannabis here.


"The Goodship’s Deep Dark Chocolate Bar is my absolute favorite edible. Period.
The crisp snap alone is enough to send one into 10mg cocoa bliss.
Seriously, Goodship creates some damn fine treats and I can’t get enough!"


StashCheck5 copy.jpg

Laurel's favorite post-SESSION activities?

Hula Hoop

Chill with a sunset

Toes in the grass

Vibe to the tunes

Laurel's work is seen on the Instagram feed of Vela, which Leafly recently named one of America's most beautiful dispensaries.

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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