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Some people just like to smoke. Some just like to vape. Others like to dabble in everything. Vandy recommends experimenting to find your sweet spot. From joints to dabs to vape pens, Lizbeth from Suncliff gives us a look at her versatile stash.

"My stash doesn't consist of much, this is what came out of my jar and then of course my dab rig."

Lighters with animals are my favorite lighters, they're so cute! I've also noticed that they tend to get snagged a lot less often than solid color lighters, it's a win-win situation.”

 "My preferred method of smoking is joints. I really like to roll my own joints, I'm not really picky about what type of papers I use, but Raw has this connoisseur pack that comes with crutches and papers so I really like them. With joints, I usually sprinkle a generous amount of kief inside, but lately I've been coating the outside with distillate from Suncliff."

“Kush Kiss from Ethos is my favorite lip balm, I keep on in my stash for post smoke application and one in my backpack. It contains 10 mg of activated THC, which doesn't really do anything but it has some awesome ingredients.”

“I really enjoy dabbing, I get a lot more flavor compared to smoking, I like trying different forms of oil, and since it's vaporization there aren't harsh carcinogens. This is my first and only dab rig, it's a Dab-uccino! It's the most recent addition to my stash.” 

“Vape cartridges are what I use to maintain myself, they're very discreet, don't smell a lot like cannabis, and they're very tasty. Since I don't use vapor cartridges often, I've only used Suncliff cartridges and Vuber Comet batteries.” 

“Post session activities depend on time and who I'm with, but long walks/bike rides are always my favorite. If I'm reading a book or in the middle of a puzzle, I'll zone out and work on those.”

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