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A big thanks to Marina, leading lady of #poshpot and Canna Curious Club's Founder for giving us a glimpse of her session essentials. And as luck would have it, we caught Marina mid-jetset so she profiled her travel stash. A TRIP indeed. 

"At the moment I’m on vacation, so I don’t have my usual ‘kit’ with me, but I have put together a temporary one, which is a mix of things I’ve found around the house and snapped up at local flea markets."

"I’m usually smoking on my own, so I tend to use regular sized papers, preferably natural & chlorine free. My mini BIC lighter comes in handy when it's windy outside. At home I prefer to vaporize, and I have an old school analogue Volcano Classic which creates great flavor. I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect portable vape pen, I’ve had my eyes on the Grasshopper but it’s always sold out."

"I don’t have a grinder here, so I’ve been using a small pair of scissors I found in my mother’s sewing box."

Be sure to follow Marina's lead when you are traveling and don't have access to your grinder card or a chambered grinder. Using your hands to 'grind up' your bud is a big no-no, because oil from your fingers will break off the potent, beautiful crystals on your herb and you won't be able to smoke it!

"I really hate plastic packaging and labels, especially because most weed stuff is pretty tacky, so I usually keep all my stuff in nice ornate boxes. Over the years my collection has grown and I’ve now got about 50 different ones on rotation, depending on my mood! I love to display them on a nice tray if I have friends coming over for a session, it just makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable. Right now, I’ve got this beautiful round carved box to keep my cannabis in, and for papers, scissors & other bits I found this wooden one which also doubles up as a rolling tray. There’s an inscription on the bottom which says it was handmade in Australia."


"I found this shell hidden away in a drawer, and thought it would make a pretty great ashtray."


Best solutions are a) inspired by nature and b) right in front of us. 

"Just bought this awesome handmade bamboo pipe from a crazy French man's market stall...Not sure where the bamboo comes from, but the man said it was 'parfait pour la cannabis.' [translation: perfect for cannabis] And he was right!"

While traveling grab local accessories to commemorate your favorite lifted moments.

"I really enjoy just switching everything off and letting my mind drift, and observing my own thoughts. Being out in nature is the best - I found this little spot among some bamboo, it’s really hidden and private, so I’ve been chilling here; smoking, doodling, writing. I also discovered this cool incense burner cone, I’ve been lighting it to keep the bugs away from my peaceful spot!"

Marina's obsession with the good life that includes escapades in cannabis can be found at Canna Curious Club and her Instagram. And revisit Van der Pop feature in CCC's Trailblazers Series

Share your stash with us! 

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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