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Check. Check. 1-2-1-2. Olivia Harris, the Chief Creative Officer at LEVO Oil, takes us through her stash, which is why we've convened today. True. But what you should truly take note of is what Olivia is cooking up (cannot let a good bad pun go unsaid) - LEVO's countertop infuser. This is her contribution to making our stash dreams come true. Think great looking espresso machine that infuses, ahem, plant matter with oil for foolproof homemade edibles. VdP believes in Flower Powers so we believe in machines that capture such magic and women like Olivia who bring the magic into our home.   

So Long Infusion Confusion


Olivia wasn't always able to enjoy infused edibles, she recalls her days in NYC through green lenses:

"Living in NYC, I was super limited by what edibles I could get my hands on. This little robot gummy is leftover from the bygone era, the only edible my delivery service offered."  

Now that I have LEVO in my kitchen, I am able to infuse all different oils for cooking my own infused goodies. This pod is filled with your own cannabis, or combination of herbs. I always have some infused coconut oil at home for topicals, smoothies and desserts. When I’m traveling, I’ll stash a Ripple dissolvable THC packet in my makeup bag." 

"This is my second generation of PAX, and it’s a good solid standby, but I have recently fell madly in love with hmbldt, first with their design & content, and now with their product! I am a microdose gal, and the hmbldt (seen with Indvr- working pen! vaporizer) is the perfect amount to take the edge off after a stressful day. I keep my cute lil Jane West steamroller available for my friends who prefer smoke over vape."

Stash Pouch.jpg

"There are about 3 or 4 stash bags in constant rotation. They all have cats on them. I am only realizing this now...but it makes sense. I’m a pretty hardcore Hello Kitty fan, so I’m thinking that should be the next one.

I picked up this ashtray several years ago when I worked at Fab. Now, I see them all over the place! I’ll buy anything holographic or iridescent. So now that I think of it, the next stash bag should be holographic Hello Kitty (!)."


"I grabbed a couple of matchbooks from our friends at Baker, which I leave around the house near any candles (so I don’t have to rummage for them later…)."

"I almost never smoke joints (I find smoked cannabis irritates my allergies), but when I do, I smoke Shine gold joints. This guy was a gift from my friends at Stashbox, and I’m saving it for a special evening with friends! This cute stash jar is from the last Mason Jar Spring Dinner in Denver on 4/20. It was such a beautiful evening- amazing food, great company and ambiance. I don’t usually keep more than 1/8th on me at a time, so this size works well for my stash." 


No two stashes are alike. What's in your stash? Share with us here.

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