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When we heard that VdP was going to be featured on an episode of Stoner Girl Diary, we were obviously stoked. We've come to love the insightful and stigma-busting banter of BIz and Mari, the hosts of this lo-fi series. But when they sent through their Stash Checks - without us even asking, btw - we were even more thrilled. Take a peek at their shiny and sentimental treasures and be prepared to fall hard, too.


My favorite portable way to smoke is with a vape pen. The health benefits to vaping are enormous so I always recommend it as the best way to intake cannabis. I like to carry it in my iridescent case. This is actually a pencil case I bought at Target. Most cases are ugly and don’t represent my aesthetic, so this one was purrrfect! My purple shades always come in clutch when I’m baked and my eyes are obviously red. What I love most about them is that I can wear them indoors or outdoors.

Mari Stash (1) (1).jpg

Yellow Spoon Pipe - This is my favorite bowl. Her name is “Sunshine “and my cousin gave her to me three years ago. [We love pieces that have sentimental value!]

Toker Poker Pink Glitter Lighter - If you’re used to smoking out of a bowl then this little tool will become your new bff. Plus it’s so unique it’s nearly impossible to lose in a sesh!

Blue Grinder - This is definitely my “on the go” grinder because it's made of plastic and has lasted me FOREVER! Old faithful.

Van der Pop Pop Stick - What is the best way to stand out in a sesh? Bring out a joint with some sick designs on it! Also, if you’re rolling joints on the go cones are the easiest way to roll one up!

Someone will always ask if I have papers to roll so I keep my Viceland papers with me as well when I don’t have my cones or glass.

Mari stash2 (1) (1).jpg
mari stash 3 (1) (1).jpg

Collaborating with CannaSmack was one of the coolest opportunities we’ve had to date. We developed our own flavor of lip balm called Passion Fruit Haze. I always have one of these in all my purses, so naturally I would have one in my stash.

SGD #SmokeLikeaGirl Sticker - Always gotta represent our show wherever I go. We love to hand them out to cool people we meet and also put them up everywhere we go!

PRO TIP - I hate the feeling of dry skin so keeping Hempco CBD Skin Salve in my stash helps with that. If I ever get burned by a lighter or falling ash, this cannabis-based salve is the number one cure.


The teal wallet on top is one of my favorite items in my stash because it was given to me by one of my best friends from Europe. It has a rolling paper dispenser inside and also doubles as a rolling mat. It always makes me feel super ladylike when I take it out to roll a joint. Sometimes I’m not the best joint roller, therefore this Zig Zag roller always helps me look cool in front of my friends. Also, Ziz Zag is one of my favorite rolling paper brands. My favorite item to take to music festivals is a portable joint case so that my joints don’t get crushed in the crowd. I’ve seen Empire of the Sun, Kendrick Lamar and Mumford and Sons all with this silver case on me. I love Van der Pop's "Laugh" stash jar because of its classy, edgy look. Also, I’ve been really into sativas lately, therefore the “Laugh” jar is the perfect label for my buds.

biz Stash (1) (1).jpg

Elephant Pipe - Mari’s favorite animal is an elephant, so using this pipe always reminds me of my favorite Stoner Girl Diary co-host. I always keep it clean because “an elephant never forgets!”

I usually keep an iridescent switchblade in my stash as a debowler. Most girls use hair clips or paper clips, I use a funky switchblade.

bix stash 2 (1).jpg

PRO TIP: Ever since I discovered hemp wick there was no going back. I love that it is a healthy alternative to inhaling lighter fluid and it’s also a great way to light candles when they're almost all the way burned. I use my lighter mostly to light my hemp wick now, but it's also a great way to get invited to a sesh when others don’t have a lighter.

What do the Stoner Girls like to do after a session? Sushi dates, yoga, meditation, art walk or the beach. 

Sounds like the dream #postSESSION to us. 

Van der Pop does not endorse or condone the illegal consumption of cannabis.


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