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Gone are the days of using plastic sandwich bags and baby jars as stash jars for fine cannabis flower.  As the marijuana accessories industry matures, better weed containers there will be! But there are inherent environmental factors that inform the best way to store weed. So if you want to know how to store weed, here are some options for you.

Cannabis can lose potency if too much air or sunlight reaches its tasty trichomes.  One study from the 1970’s claims exposure to light was the single most damaging factor when storing cannabis. They found that over time, light reduced the cannabinoids (think: the effects) in the study samples.

Like light, air can reduce weed’s potency by drying it out. Conversely, if you live in a humid environment, moist air can cause your weed to mold. Mold in walls is bad for your lungs.  Mold in weed is bad for your lungs. Naturally.  Keeping cannabis between 59% and 65% relative humidity should be just right. 

Aside from air and light, let’s talk about plastic.  A study concluded that most plastic products release estrogenic chemicals onto the product they are holding.  That means your weed actually contains synthetic hormones from the plastic bag. You are smoking plastic chemicals! Not to mention the environmental effects of plastic.

Some people swear by using plastic to vacuum seal the weed in an airtight packet. If you must, vacuum sealing can be a great option and some even claim that their herb can last 1-2 years if properly vacuum sealed. It will still let in light, so it’s best to keep it in a cool, dark place. It’s also possible to vacuum seal jars - it just takes a few more tools and the research to know how to do it right.

So we should leave plastic and light drenched containers behind- unless you prefer non-psychoactive, plastic leeched cannabis. Let’s look at our options. We pay more for good weed, so why do we leave it in a baggie? With a plethora of storage options specifically related to cannabis, we no longer have any excuses. It’s still not quite acceptable to roll around bursting with the fragrance of a big bud.  We want to be discreet. So, smell proof, or smell-resistant containers are ideal.

We want lightproof, smell proof, airtight weed jars! Impossible, you say? Actually, nope. Glass is the new plastic and thankfully we have plenty of options for glass storage. Storing your weed in airtight glass jars will keep it fresher, longer. It will also keep the flavor of the product as the temperature changes. On the downside, clear glass will let light in - thus degrading the quality of your herb.

titanium stash jar.jpg

The best option? Violet-colored (not amber) glass weed storage jars. See the comparison of herb storage above. This isn’t a new concept - colored glass jars have been used for centuries, most notably by ancient Egyptians. In fact, viable seeds have been discovered inside these jars at ancient burial sites. The violet color only allows the three non-harmful violet-colored UV rays to penetrate. That’s the kind of glass you want to roll with. Second best option to dark violet glass is metal - preferably titanium. Titanium won’t change the flavor of the product when the temperature changes.

With temperature variation in mind, remember heat rises and as such store your stash in a place that is not elevated. If you keep your weed containers in an elevated place. Perhaps the highest cabinet in the kitchen above the microwave. Hmm? The quality of your cannabis will be compromised. And we all have that friend that swears by storing their weed in the freezer or refrigerator to preserve it until the end of time. Do not do this! DO NOT. When frozen, the trichomes are more susceptible to breaking off of the buds. This will result in less potent weed. The trick time and again is to strive for consistent temperature to, ultimately, keep our trichomes intact. 

Ready to up your weed storage game? You totally are! Move forward confidently with these words to guide you: dark, dry, cool. 



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