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With cannabis regulations changing so frequently and rapidly, consumers – and those curious about consumption – are wise to maintain basic knowledge of the rules that govern flower beyond their own abode.

North American neighbors, Canada and the U.S.A., have varying federal laws. Staying up on the latest legislation can help you avoid a headache and potential fines, or worse, felony drama.

Airport security in America is under the control of a federal agency, the Transportation Safety Administration, rendering cannabis and infused products illegal to transport between states and countries. The same, of course, goes for other modes of transportation, like driving.

Canada’s travel administrations allow card-carrying medical patients to travel with their cannabis, but purchasing it anywhere in the country without being a patient (and through an authorized Licensed Producer) is still illegal until October 17th, 2018.

While the countries have specific federal rules, different U.S. states have their own stipulations on top of that. If it seems like no big deal to fly with cannabis from one legal state to another, or within a legal state, remember they are still under a federal mandate of cannabis prohibition. Authorities may refer you to local enforcement or just toss your stash, but the risks can vary from fines to imprisonment.

Once in an adult-use legal state, though, acquiring cannabis can be an easy and pleasurable experience. As legalized states start to see more diversity in dispensaries, there’s really zero need to bring anything along with you while traveling abroad or within your own country. A broad range of products, from edibles to concentrates, can be available in these states depending on their own laws – and because of federal laws prohibition transportation of cannabis products, it’s really an opportunity for you to #shoplocal.

Greater access to cannabis in several U.S. states, and cross-Canada very soon, means no one needs to test the waters during air, sea, or land travel, and that’s for the best, since we really don’t want to see anyone else get locked up while we wait for the world to embrace cannabis normalization.

Story by Danielle Guercio
Illustration by Marlo Hwang

Van der Pop does not condone or endorse the illegal consumption of cannabis.

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