Van der Pop

Bubble Gum

REVIEWSApril Pride

Name   Bubble Gum
Strain   Hybrid
Effect   Cerebral, euphoric high

At some point during a trip - a road trip or when one is tripping - there's a request for gum. Is there not? Totally fitting then that the cannabis strain to offer a heady, euphoric high should not only be named Bubble Gum but is also known for a sweet flavor regarded as one of the best-tasting strains of all time.

Tune out commentary coming in and out like a bad signal and relax. Nobody can read your thoughts. Your trip is your own but Bubble Gum does offer predictable effects that include a 50/50 head and body high. Creative thoughts and a heady high kick it all off and moves through your body where the sensation is purely pleasant and present. Enjoy the ride! 

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