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Cannabis etiquette for a grand seasonal soiree

Illustration by Elena Boils

Illustration by Elena Boils

Tis the season for socializing, so this year why not take your stash to a swish holiday fete? A night out at a capital-G glam event is your chance to bring something a little extra to the evening, and to get creative in curating your essentials for the occasion.

You’ve got your hair done, nails done, everything did. You’re fancy now. And you better have cannabis accessories to match your gala-worthy get up.

Wondering where to start when it comes to enjoying cannabis at a haute holiday affair?

There is such a thing as cannabis etiquette, but it’s not as rigid as you think. If you’re into consuming flower and sharing the experience with those around you, no one is going to hold it against you for passing a joint the wrong way.

However, the stigma is real out there, and part of the work you’re tasked with as a cannabis enthusiast is showcasing elevated cannabis culture in a way that is true to you and your sensibilities – without offending the sensibilities of those around you.

Don't show up unprepared.

You can’t simply arrive with a baggie full of weed, an already-open pack of rolling papers, a plastic grinder, and that confused look you’re sure to have on your face as you scope the room for a suitable rolling station. If you’re bringing flower into a new environment – especially one where elegance is a requirement for entry – you’ll need to figure out your stash situation.

If your preferred method for consuming cannabis is in the form of a joint, make sure you bring enough pre-rolls to last the night. Roll a variety of cannabis strains to suit the dynamic of the evening. Go for a selection of strains that provide an energizing effect, promote creativity and social interaction. Keeping a few CBD-dominant joints on hand is a great idea if you’re looking to share your experience with other guests interested in partaking in the session, but who are not looking to get too lifted, or perhaps aren’t as experienced as you. (CBD will allow you and others to even out if you end up feeling too high.)

Make sure those pre-rolls look gooood.

Don’t show up with crudely rolled joints! You spent $40 dollars on a mani, so what you’re holding in your fingers should reflect that level of attention to detail.  

Channel your inner golden goddess by dressing up your pre-roll set in SHINE papers. There’s no reason your stash can’t be as fancy as the rest of your evening accessories. Look to influencer and babe extraordinaire Aureta for inspiration on that tip.

Your joints don’t have to be decked out in gold to look good, though. A collection of well-rolled joints in a posh carrier case – perhaps a vintage cigarette holder – that doesn’t look out of place inside your clutch will do the trick.

And speaking of your clutch – have you met the Van der Pop Poppins stash bag yet?

Photo by Jessa Carter

Photo by Jessa Carter



A fancy event is also the perfect opportunity to indulge in the much-lauded industry innovation of vaporizing. There is a multitude of chic, sleek vapes to make your stash extra luxurious, and an added bonus is the minimized smoke created (and therefore less tell-tale smells, too).

The PAX 3 now comes in matte rose gold, and fits nicely inside your handbag right next to your beloved tube of Ruby Woo. Vaporizers also provide an opportunity for you to include cannabis extracts in your experience, which provide an entirely different approach to enhancing the evening thanks to their extra potent powers.

It’s important to remember that however you choose to consume your cannabis that evening, smoking anything indoors is generally not acceptable. Your host may be open to you vaporizing at the party, but it’s always important to check in before lighting up.

Be discreet when offering or soliciting a smoke.

Although perceptions around cannabis are changing, you may still encounter some stigma on the topic. Be respectful to those around you and sensitive in your approach to sharing a sesh with some newfound friends. Be prepared to educate and share your views on cannabis with an open-minded and thoughtful dialogue. You will get plenty of attention for your beautiful cannabis stash, so be prepared to talk about it. The best way to break the stigma around cannabis is by being a shining example of a considerate cannabis consumer.

Story by Ljubica Kostovic
Illustration by Elena Boils

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