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With cannabis legalization increasing across the United States and recreational legalization coming to Canada in 2018,
Van der Pop sought to better understand the role cannabis plays in the lives of women.

To do this, we surveyed 1,530 North American women about their perceptions, consumption and interests
with the hope of facilitating more meaningful conversations that reflect the needs of real women.


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  1. For women interested in trying cannabis, 90% claim the desire is for medicinal reasons
  2. 70% of women feel a friend’s recommendation plays a key role in their purchase decision
  3. 42% stated their last cannabis purchase was spontaneous
  4. 39% of those who haven’t tried cannabis listed not liking the idea of smoking as a primary reason
  5. Only 10% of women cited anti-drug campaigns as a reason for not having tried cannabis



american vs canadian women table survey.png


In September 2017, Van der Pop in conjunction with CVI surveyed 1,530 women across North America. The study focused on women who had consumed cannabis or who had yet to consume but were interested in trying. The age range for respondents was LDA (19+ in Canada, 21+ in the US). A statistically significant sample was polled for US adult use states, medicinal states and pre-legalization states as well as Canadian provinces. Questions probed consumption behavior, consumption reasons, general knowledge, attitudes, perceptions, forward looking thoughts and areas of interest.


Founded in 2016, Van der Pop is the leading cannabis digest for discerning women. With an emphasis on discretion, education and style, our aim is to enhance flower-powered pleasures through a thoughtful and candid exploration of cannabis. Through our editorial platform, weekly newsletter, social sites, product line and SESSION events, we explore cannabis and how it relates to self-care, sex and socializing. We welcome women who seek out what speaks to them, and know that they deserve delightful moments.

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